Updated April 2023

Starting October 2018, PTC will be offering their leading CAD software in new package formats. This change is designed to provide designers and engineers with the tools they need to complete their daily tasks while providing different tiers to fit each organization’s budget. Here’s the breakdown for the new Creo packages:

Creo is still the same CAD software you know and love, just with new tier options to ensure organizations have the tools and features they need to fit their unique needs.

New Creo Packages Overview

Creo packages are now offered in a five-tier setup. As you upgrade between tiers you will receive all of the same features as the tiers below as well as additional features.

The tiers are set up as follows:

  1. Creo Design Essentials: Tier 1 has all the basic functionalities of Creo that you are already used to, so you can continue to design better products faster.
  2. Creo Design Advanced: Tier 2 includes the core function of tier 1 plus adds concurrent engineering tools, top-down design optimization, and features of prismatic multi-surface milling.
  3. Creo Design Advanced Professional: Tier 3 adds advanced surfacing, additive manufacturing, mold designing and machining, GD&T advisor, tolerance analysis, mechanism dynamic modeling, and behavioral modeling.
  4. Creo Design Premium: Tier 4 includes even more extended collaboration tools as well as the complete Mathcad package. Plus, this tier has advanced simulation tools for flow and fatigue analysis as well as product machining tools.
  5. Creo Design Premium Professional: Tier 5 is by far the most extensive and comprehensive of the new Creo Packages. It includes all of the features and tools of all the previous tiers. In addition, it includes the options modeler, tools for metal 3D printing, complete machining, more advanced simulation and flow analysis, plus the new topology optimization extension.

The new Creo packages ensure your team can get all the tools and functionality they need.

Equivalent Packages

If you want to purchase a new Creo license with similar functionality to what you are used to, here is how the equivalent packages break down.

  • Tier 1: Creo Design Essentials >> Essentials, Essentials Plus, Essentials Premium, or Engineer I
  • Tier 2: Creo Design Advanced >> Essentials Team or Engineer II
  • Tier 3: Creo Design Advanced Plus >> Engineer III
  • Tier 4: Creo Design Premium >> Engineer IV
  • Tier 5: Creo Design Premium Plus >> No current package has all the advanced features included in this new Creo package

Additional Extensions

If you are interested in a lower tier package but want a few of features included in an extension from a higher tier, it is possible to get those features. However, you can only select one extension to be added to your tier package, and the cost depends on the specific extension you choose to add. If this is something you want to do, simply contact us and we would be happy to help.

How will these changes impact current Creo customers?

As a current Creo customer, you might be thinking, “How are these changes going to impact me?” Here are some answers to the most common questions we have received so far (and if we didn’t answer your question, feel free to

ask us and we will get back to you):

I upgraded and/or purchased a Creo 5.0 license when it came out – will I get to take advantage of the new packages?

No, these packages are only available for new subscription license purchases. However, if you are a current Creo customer and want to use one of these new packages, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

I am a current customer on an older version of Creo – will my setup automatically be switched over to the new tiers?

No, again, these new packages are only for new licenses, and at this time, we don’t know if PTC will offer a loyalty program for their current customers.

I am still using a perpetual Creo license – what will happen to me?

For now, nothing will be changing unless you choose to upgrade and switch to subscription (which we recommend doing anyways for additional perks like getting to take advantage of the latest updates, maintenance, etc.)

Package Breakdown

Tier 1: Creo Design Essentials

  • Creo Parametric: This group of functions includes all the classic Creo tools you know and love. This includes their revolutionary Unite Technology, advanced 2D and 3D modeling tools, as well as new Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities that were added to Creo 5.0.
  • Mathcad Express: This slimmed-down version of Mathcad still includes all the essential tools you need to effectively communicate your design and engineering calculations. Using Mathcad Express, you can generate comprehensive documentation including x-y plots, complete operations and functions for algebra and trigonometry, use automatic calculation tools, and write equations using natural math notation.
  • Collaboration for Inventor and Solidworks: Need to work with teams that don’t use Creo? No problem, advanced collaboration extensions between Creo and Solidworks as well as Creo and Autodesk Inventor support easy multi-CAD design consolidation.
  • Legacy Data Migration Extension (LMX): Easily migrate all CAD files and data from your previous CAD solution into the Creo platform. Switching to the leading CAD software has never been easier.
  • Human Factors Extension: Improve the usability, comfort, and safety of your products and ensure that they are optimized for human interaction.
  • Human Factor Analysis Extension: Use analysis to ensure your designs meet compliance for a variety of workplace, health, and safety standards using numerous validation tools.
  • Simulation Elite (Linear Structural Analysis): Complete numerous types of structural analysis including static, parts, and assemblies as well as simulations for springs, masses, shells, beams, and solids.
  • Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX): Support late-stage design changes with the ability to directly edit any type of 3D geometry, plus use this opportunity to improve rapid exploration and improve downstream analysis.
  • Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX): Automatically generate optimized piping and cabling routes using 2D schematic logic that utilizes validation and verification to reduce costs and improve manufacturability.
  • Design Exploration Extension (DEX): Get more out of your designs with the ability to explore concepts and quickly create design alternatives. Never lose your train of thought or progress on existing design by using checkpoints that allow you to revert back to any previous change or decision while maintaining design history.
  • Render Studio Extension (RSX): Create photorealistic images that can be used for marketing and sales collateral, final design review, consumer testing, and product packaging.
  • Advanced Framework Extension (AFX): Automatically generate fastener geometry using configuration and standardization software.
  • Intelligent Fastener Extension (IFE): Improve the accuracy of weldment design and fastener assembly all while speeding up the entire geometry creation process.


Tier 2: Creo Design Advanced

Includes all the tools and features above plus:

  • Prismatic and Multi-Surfaces Milling Extension: Ensure that your parts are created with precision machining as quickly as possible.
  • Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX): Tools facilitate and support concurrent design and development using top-down design strategies with defined design intent.

Tier 3: Creo Design Advanced Plus

Includes all the tools and features above plus:

  • Additive Manufacturing Extension – Standard: This version of the additive manufacturing extension allows you to simplify designs for 3D printing including tools to automatically generate optimized lattice structures.
  • Mold Machining Extension: Quickly deliver production die, electrode, mold, and prototype parts including the tools you need to optimize three-axis trajectory milling and hole making.
  • Expert Moldbase Extension: Eliminate time-consuming and manual tasks associated with the creation of moldbases and instead automatically generate the required tooling design and detailing.
  • Interactive Surface Design Extension II (ISDX II): This extension allows you to use a single parametric environment to complete both technical and freeform surfacing.
  • Tool Design Extension: Optimize, accelerate, and improve the design of production molds and cast tooling.
  • GD&T Advisor Extension: Ensure the correct application and creation of GD&T using a guided dashboard. Plus, improve MBD compliance using the latest ASME and ISO standards.
  • Behavioral Modeling Extension: Use design exploration to optimize geometry while meeting design goals and engineering criteria.
  • Tolerance Analysis Extension: Powered by CETOL Technology, this extension makes it easy to visualize and analyze the geometric tolerance stack-up and dimensional variation within your designs.
  • Layout Extension: Utilize integral 2D layouts to create detailed 3D designs in order to increase design and engineering productivity.
  • Mechanism Dynamics Extension (MDX): Easily improve and optimize mechanism and design with improved visualization and analysis tools.

Tier 4: Creo Design Premium

Includes all the tools and features above plus:

  • Mathcad: Get complete access to the best engineering calculation software, simplifying engineering calculation communication between teams. Present your calculations, plots, and more using beautiful displays and engineering notebooks to connect geometry calculations and documentation.
  • Collaboration Extensions for CATIA and Siemens NX: Navigate multi-CAD environments easily, and seamlessly integrate work with data from CATIA v4 and v5 and Siemens NX.
  • NC Sheetmetal Extension: Comprehensive NC programming for nibbling, sheeting, contouring laser, flame machines, and turret punch presets for sheetmetal manufacturing.
  • Production Machining Extension: Ensure precise and high-quality machining quickly and easily.
  • Simulation Extension: Quickly analyze and optimize the structural integrity of all parts and assembly models to significantly improve the designs of products early in the process. Complete a variety of simulations including modal structure, linear buckling, linear steady-state thermal, and static structural analysis.
  • Fatigue Advisor Extension: Analyze and optimize the structural integrity of parts with a comprehensive understanding of how parts will operate in the real world with cycle fatigue and product durability analysis.
  • GD&T Advisor Plus: Includes the same functionality as the standard GD&T advisor plus includes additional features like annotation evaluation and guidance.
  • Flow Analysis: Analyze and optimize fluid and gas flow using easy-to-use tools.

Tier 5: Creo Design Premium Plus

Includes all the tools and features above plus:

  • Topology Optimization Extension: This is one of the biggest upgrades to Creo 5.0. Use this extension to automatically generate designs based on your criteria or problems using your specific design goals and objectives.
  • Advanced Simulation Extension: Includes all the same tools as the Simulation Extension included in Tier 4 plus additional tools for transient and nonlinear thermal analysis, dynamic and prestress analysis, large deformation nonlinearity, isotropic and composite materials, and materials nonlinearity.
  • Additive Manufacturing Extension – Plus: Includes all the same tools and features as the Additive Manufacturing Extension and includes tools for metal 3D printing, including the ability to automatically generate metal support structures.
  • Flow Analysis Plus: Includes the same tools as the Flow Analysis extensions in Tier 4 plus tools for meshing/sliding meshing, particle, species, and radiation analysis.
  • Options Modeler Extension: Create and validate modular 3D products.
  • Complete Machining Extension: Create precise and high-quality machining designs, including tools for multitask machine synchronization and low-level NC sequence editing for toolpath control and optimization.

Purchase New Creo Licenses to Take Advantage of the New Creo Packages

Still a little confused? Feeling overwhelmed about all the package options? We understand that these are some big changes that can have big impacts on your organization. If you need some more information or have questions about these changes, just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.