Product development involves a lot of moving parts, which can increase tenfold when factoring in connected products that need applications developed in tandem. Organizations creating these kinds of products need an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution to keep all components on track while also meeting compliance standards. Codebeamer has the tools teams need to overcome the most common development challenges facing today’s organizations.

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Product Development Challenges

Regardless of organization or product specifics, many development teams struggle with the same issues:

  • Fragmented collaboration: Teams often work in isolated silos even though they are working toward a common goal. Ultimately, this lack of integration prevents real-time collaboration and wastes a lot of time and resources.
  • Inefficient processes: Less-than-optimal integration then forces the creation of inefficient processes to fill gaps. These processes can include paper documents, data duplication, manual data entry, and more.
  • Compliance issues: The inefficient processes created by working silos create issues in quality, risk, and regulatory compliance.
  • Wasted resources: Compliance issues create long lead times and can be costly to remedy down the line.

Teams must find ways to improve collaboration and eliminate inefficient processes to stay compliant while also reducing costs and lead times.

Codebeamer: Your Solution for Product Development

Codebeamer is an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that helps you solve the major challenges associated with product development.

Codebeamer includes tools for requirements management, risk management, validation (test management), software development, DevOps, product line management, and analytics.

Codebeamer Features:

  • Integrated requirements, risk, and test management capabilities allow you to define product requirements, identify risks associated with those requirements, and build and manage tests related to meeting compliance.
  • Dashboards make it easier to visualize and extract information to make educated business decisions.
  • Out-of-the-box compliance templates ensure compliance instantly and get you up to speed much more quickly—with the option of customizing your compliance processes at any time.
  • Integration with other enterprise systems encourages collaboration and eliminates silos by pushing and pulling data from various applications into Codebeamer using an optimized end-to-end solution.
  • Open services for lifecycle collaboration with Windchill eases quality management, requirement management, and change management.
  • Change management and change impact analysis are linked so that products are properly handled through the iterative development process.
  • End-to-end traceability and visibility in a closed-loop system means you can track development progress from high-level oversight to lower-level tasks, including defining, building, and linking objects and risks.

Codebeamer Value

By using all the advanced features of Codebeamer, teams can reshape their development workflow. First, Codebeamer encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, which optimizes resource allocation and speeds up time to market. Second, it supports lifecycle traceability for the entire organization. Lastly, it’s easy to set up and use, while also having a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

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