Complete CAD Simulations in Real-Time

No more waiting hours for simulation results. Complete simulation early and often in the design process to support analysis-driven design that helps your organization save time and money.

Creo Simulate Live provides instantaneous simulation results as changes are made to CAD models.

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Study after study suggests that top-performing engineering teams use simulation software early and often. While other companies miss their target deadlines and costs by 17 to 21%*, companies using simulation throughout the design process are meeting and exceeding their targets.

Creo Simulate Live integrates ANSYS Discovery Live technology directly into the Creo platform. Now, you can complete modeling and simulation in a single environment to improve products. Instead of using simulation as an end-step validation tool – you can complete simulation early and often in the design process to support analysis-driven design to save time and money.

Creo Simulate Live provides real-time simulation. For designers and engineers that means simulation results change live as you make changes on your model. These tools make it possible to iterate quickly, generate more options, and design with greater confidence.

Research suggests you can achieve three main benefits to using simulation throughout the design process, especially during the concept phase

  • Increase the rate of product innovation and market share with a 43% increase in ideation scenarios evaluated**
  • Decrease product development costs by 19% by performing physical and safety tests virtually using simulation**
  • Get products to market faster using simulation to find errors sooner. A recent study found that changes made during the last 25% of the design cycle take 98% longer to perform versus the first 25%*


Benefits and Features

  • Streamline product development
  • Speed up time-to-market
  • Reduce development costs associated with prototypes, rework, scrap, delays
  • Reduce design cycles and speed NPI
  • Reduce after-market service, warranty, and repair costs
  • Easy to use without the need to complete geometry preparation or create meshes
  • Discover problems earlier in the design process so they are easier and less expensive to fix
  • Create products that meet functional requirements
  • Explore design alternatives


  • Finite element analysis for parts and assemblies
  • Static structural analysis
  • Finite element modeling idealizations
  • Automatic meshing
  • Results display and reporting
  • Modal and buckling analysis
  • Stead state thermal analysis
  • Design optimization
  • Contact analysis
  • Nonlinear analysis and large deformation
  • Dynamic and pre-stress analysis
  • Transient and nonlinear thermal analysis
  • Mechanism dynamics
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Mold filling analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Human factor analysis

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**Quantifying the Return on Investment in Simulation Lead Design Exploration, Mediafly, 2020