Windchill Comparison

Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12: Should You Upgrade?

Windchill 12 was released at the beginning of June 2020. So, it makes sense that you might be thinking about upgrading. You may also be wondering if the functionality in the Windchill 11 vs Windchill 12 feature set is worth the effort to upgrade. If you are undergoing or considering a digital transformation, […]

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Manufacturing Software Comparison | PLM vs ERP and PLM vs MES

In the world of enterprise software, there are a lot of solutions and even more acronyms. It can be difficult to determine which platforms will meet your organization’s needs – especially when they seem to have some overlapping functionality. You don’t want to pick the wrong solution and end up having to supplement, but you […]

PLM Comparison: PTC Windchill vs Autodesk Fusion

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a software platform that helps centralize all product information, data, and processes to help improve collaboration and make better products by having access to all the required information. It includes everything related to the product […]

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Forrester Report | Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): The 7 Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is essential for manufacturing organizations in this day and age. These platforms help manage product development processes and data, which can help organizations optimize workflows and speed up time-to-market. Choosing the right PLM solution is essential for improving business and growing operations. Here we explore the key aspects that […]

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Windchill vs Enovia: Which PLM comes out the winner?

In our continuing quest to simplify our customers’ PLM selection process, we present this report comparing two leading products: Windchill vs Enovia. Here is a look at some of the most important features and differentiators between the two. […]

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PLM vs PDM Software Comparison: PTC Windchill vs SOLIDWORKS EPDM

Productivity during the design process can make the difference between being first to market or becoming an also-ran. That makes your choice of product lifecycle management of critical importance, not just to the engineering team but to the entire company. […]

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Windchill vs. Teamcenter: A PLM Comparison

Organizations understand how important it is to capitalize on market opportunities. This is crucial if companies want to stay competitive and relevant. According to a report from Aberdeen, 29 percent of executives have identified capitalizing on marketing opportunities as a top priority to improve their product development. […]

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