PTC Creo Ansys Simulation

Creo Ansys Simulation software is built right into the Creo interface you know and love to help you build better products faster.

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Creo Ansys Simulation allows teams to experiment early and often in the design process to understand how products will perform under real-world conditions. This simulation-driven design approach ensures less time and resources are spent creating physical prototypes. By iterating digitally, you can update designs on the spot to meet weight, speed, and cost requirements.

Creo Ansys Simulation helps you find ways to improve product development and cut costs by easily running simulations as you design.


Creo Ansys is specifically built for designers and engineers with easy-to-use tools for linear static structural analysis, modal structural analysis, and steady-state thermal analysis:

  • General modeling tools
  • Structural boundary conditions
  • Thermal boundary conditions
  • Meshing, element types, and idealizations
  • Connections for contact interfaces and joints
  • Process tools

Ansys and PTC have partnered to ensure that all high-fidelity and high-accuracy needs are met as a core component of design refinement and validation.


Taking a simulation-driven design approach empowers you to achieve more:

  • Uncover design issues early on—when they are easier and less expensive to fix
  • Produce higher quality products that are less expensive to manufacture
  • Improve productivity with less time wasted on designs that simply don’t work

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