Augmented Reality (AR) is a crucial part of industry 4.0 and the next digital transformation. The move to using AR in manufacturing provides businesses with numerous benefits:

  • Decreased time to market: simplifying decision-making with clear visuals of exactly how a product will look and perform.
  • Lower costs associated with prototyping: significantly reduce the number of physical prototypes needed in the approval process.
  • Improved customer input: Utilize AR to observe exactly how customers interact with products faster, while decreasing associated costs and improving feedback accuracy.
  • Simplified field support: Removing the need for technicians to carry around heavy binders or watch training videos and instead combining process manuals with reality to make repairs and upgrades faster.
  • Optimized product efficiency: Ensure routing sheets, diagrams, specifications, and requirements are always up to date and use AR capabilities to guide workers through the entire assembly process.
  • Training: Using AR workers can be pulled for interactive simulation training and complete certifications faster than previous training methods.


PTC Creo AR and ThingWorx AR Studio

PTC Creo AR and ThingWorx AR Studio (also known as Vuforia) work together seamlessly to create beautiful AR experiences in just a few clicks. Plus, with collaboration tools built right in, teams can work together to create designs and AR experiences regardless of their physical location.

By using the PTC Creo AR and ThingWorx AR Studio, you can build better products faster by accelerating innovation. From the beginning of the design process, users can work together to explain their ideas, find potential issues, or discover new opportunities earlier in the design process and without requiring complete reworks of costly physical prototypes.

All users have to do is simply scan a Thingmark on a design and they can immediately bring up the AR scenario on their mobile device using the ThingWorx View app.

Use Creo AR and ThingWorx AR Studio to revolutionize and optimize your design process.

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