PTC Mathcad is the leading engineering software on the market. It has all the tools engineering teams need to complete calculations and communicate them effectively to other internal team members and even outside stakeholders. This advanced solution helps you:

  • Securely communicate engineering knowledge and design intent
  • Intuitively construct calculations using standard math notation
  • Create professional and high-quality engineering calculation documents
  • Repurpose standard calculations
  • Increase productivity

Mathcad Prime 5.0 is the leading calculation software for engineering and design teams.

The latest Mathcad Prime 5.0 release adds some new highly requested features and improves existing capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about the new Mathcad Prime 5.0.

Mathcad Prime 5.0: New Features

Online Support

As requested by PTC customers, Mathcad Prime 5.0 now has online help and support like other PTC products. The Help Center includes information about all the new capabilities and features, including:

  • Reference materials
  • Latest updates
  • Examples
  • Tutorials

2D Plotting Tools

Mathcad Prime 5.0 also brings full customization to 2D plots to allow engineering teams to better visualize and communicate their calculations with a range of features:

  • Gridlines: You now have the option to include gridlines on 2D plots. They can be major or minor gridlines, and you have the option to change the color, style, or thickness.
  • Full axes formatting: New formatting tools allow you to fully customize the axes, including the colors and style, to better represent your data.
  • Second y-axis: The added ability to include a second y-axis with the option to include multiple traces and complete formatting customization.
  • Titles and legends: Give your 2D plots a more professional look and feel with titles and legends that can provide better context for your calculations.

Effectively communicate calculations and design intent with customized 2D plots.

Mathcad Prime 5.0: Improvements to Existing Features

There have also been improvements to existing PTC Mathcad Prime features, so if you’re on an even older version than Mathcad Prime 4.0, you could seriously be missing out:

  • Improved usability: Updated usability tools ensure that your calculation documents look great no matter what. Improved equation wrapping means your calculations won’t get awkwardly cut off in the middle.
  • Seamless interoperability: PTC Mathcad can easily embed content from other programs without the need to switch between numerous applications. The data can be placed into worksheets, and users can copy and paste worksheets directly into MS Word.
  • Ensured security: All of your critical data and calculations are protected using advanced Area Protection and Locking, giving owners complete control over which users can view, access, or edit calculations.
  • Overall performance enhancements: General performance enhancements have been made to many of the features you already know and love, such as Excel integration, 3D plots, X-Y plots, templates, symbolics, programming, documentation tools, custom functions, advanced numerics, the engineering unit converter, advanced engineering math tools, the trig equation solver, and the PTC-powered engineer notebooks.

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Solving engineering calculations is just one component of the design process. It’s critical that engineering teams are able to effectively communicate and share calculation results to drive product design. Mathcad Prime 5.0 includes all of the tools and features you need to streamline and improve product design.

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