Mathcad 6: The Best Engineering Calculation Software

Mathcad 6 is the best engineering calculation software. We know that’s a big claim – but its latest enhancements back it up. Mathcad 6 performs calculations faster, more accurately, and more precisely than Excel, and has more built-in formulas and symbolic calculation capabilities. Engineers can document their thinking alongside the formulas and advanced document […]

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Math Equation Software Comparison: Mathcad vs Excel

Many companies with tight budgets think they can save money by using Microsoft Excel for engineering calculations rather than adding a math tool to their CAD systems. Excel is a versatile tool,and it is in widespread use. But does that ubiquity make it the best tool for engineering productivity? […]

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Engineering Calculation Software Showdown: Mathcad vs MATLAB

Calculations are at the heart of the design for any complex product, so the ability to share and reuse critical calculations and IP is vitally important. Sometimes companies believe they can rely on spreadsheets to store calculations but spreadsheet data is hard to maintain and share. […]

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Design Challenge: Creating a Cleaner Lightweight Diesel Engine

India’s population and commerce are steady growing. But that exciting growth is also leading to demand for even more energy — and much of it from fossil fuels — which means even more pollution.

Currently, India produces the third highest emissions in the world, next to only China and the United States. But while U.S. and European regulations are becoming more stringent, Indian standards have remained several years behind.

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Honeywell: Chemical Analysis using PTC Mathcad

Honeywell Engines, Systems and Services designs, produces and maintains a wide range of products for their aerospace clientele, including:

  • Small gas turbine engines for business, regional, commercial and military aircraft
  • Auxiliary power units for commercial and military aircraft
  • Environmental control systems (ECS) for aircraft and space
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Get Your Bearings: SKF and PTC Mathcad

What does it take to create a product that redefines your industry’s marketplace? Ask the SKF Group about PTC Mathcad and their latest rolling bearing. Based in Göteborg, Sweden, the SKF Group leads the world in supplying products, customer services and solutions in the rolling bearing and seals business.

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