PTC Creo Direct

PTC Creo Direct allows users to make edits to 2D and 3D parametric designs in a full direct modeling environment. Creating and modifying 3D designs is fast and easy with PTC Creo Direct, especially for casual users or anyone transitioning from 2D to 3D CAD or a casual user.

Just Do It

The direct modeling paradigm provides a “just do it” modeling strategy, enabling designers to quickly define and capture geometry. With the direct modeling approach, users focus on creating geometry rather than features, constraints and design intent. The parametric modeling paradigm, on the other hand, provides an “engineer it” approach that requires the user to anticipate and define feature constraints, relations and dependencies to ensure that any design modification will update all related geometry in a predefined manner.

Direct Vs. Parametric

The direct modeling approach is about speed and flexibility. It’s great for causal users or designers exploring “what-if” scenarios. The parametric approach, on the other hand, is better suited for more complex design tasks with strict criteria on design aesthetics, performance and manufacturing.

See a comparison between Direct and Parametric.

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PTC Creo Direct is a stand-alone 3D CAD app for a broad range of users across the enterprise.

  • Explore alternative design concepts quickly and easily
  • Enable more users to access and use 3D CAD data
  • Empower infrequent 3D CAD users to contribute to the product development effort
  • Streamline computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflows by giving analysts the ability to edit 3D CAD data prior to analysis and propose design changes directly on the model
  • Improve computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) efficiency by giving tooling designers an easy-to-use tool for editing model data and creating manufacturing jigs and fixtures that better meet their NC and tooling design requirements

A brief overview video of PTC Creo Direct