Mathcad is known as the industry standard for engineering mathematics software. This latest release, Mathcad Prime 10, continues that legacy by keeping engineering calculation at the heart of product design. Mathcad 10 focuses on documenting and calculating to make it easier to communicate your engineering.

Mathcad 10 is the comprehensive and intuitive engineering mathematics software teams need to ensure precise calculations, streamlined traceability, and protected intellectual property.

What’s New in Mathcad Prime 10

The latest features in Mathcad 10 are designed to help engineers tackle their most challenging tasks. It’s built on an intuitive interface that makes it easy to complete accurate calculations while preserving, sharing, and reusing them within a single platform.

Mathcad 10 Application Enhancements

New subscript and superscript formatting tools are centralized within the application. It is easy to apply this formatting in text reasons to document variable identifiers or other parameters with exponents. This accompanies new advanced controls with scripting so users can enhance their worksheets with list boxes, checkboxes, buttons, radio buttons, text boxes, and sliders to precisely define the behaviors within worksheets. Most importantly, this new feature provides a way to configure and manipulate variable values using scripting language to enable automation—ultimately streamlining worksheet functionality to increase productivity.

New scripting capabilities allow users to implement automation to streamline worksheet functionality and increase productivity.

Mathcad 10 now allows users to choose a solving algorithm for functions (pdesolve, odesolve, numol, genfit, polyroots, find, minimize, maximize, and minerr) and definite integrals. Every time an instance of the function is included in the worksheet, users can simply right-click to select an alternative algorithm other than the default. This increased flexibility and control enables the exploration of different algorithms if the default doesn’t provide the desired solution.

Mathcad 10 Symbolic Engine Enhancements

As with every new release, Mathcad 10 includes general keyword improvements for the words “solve,” “simplify,” and “rewrite” (which includes five new modifiers). There is also improved support for the word “undefined” for better compatibility and equivalency with the numeric engine’s “NaN,” allowing for more symbolic support of these functions.

Mathcad 10 also includes additions and expansions to the symbolic engine: first, expanded use of “fully” for additional use cases using supporting modifiers like “fact” and “max,” and second, new functionality for “standard” to support Big-O notation with series expansions.

Mathcad 10 Numeric Engine Enhancements

Mathcad 10 includes improved calculus operators, featuring improvements that build on the previous pdesolve features. Users now have the ability to set mixed boundary conditions in addition to implicit and explicit boundary conditions.

Users now also have full power functionality for multithreading to execute multiple independent calculations simultaneously. This makes worksheet calculations more efficient by leveraging multi-core processes to make processing time faster.

Ready to Get Started with Mathcad 10?

If you’re looking to empower your team with the leading engineering calculation software, then Mathcad 10 is the ideal solution. It provides the tools teams need to complete accurate calculations and securely communicate design intent.

If you’re an existing Mathcad subscriber with an up-to-date support contract, you can upgrade at no additional cost. Or, if you’re ready to get started, contact us.