This post is part 2 of a three-part series about application lifecycle management (ALM). Part 1 goes over the ALM definition and its context in industrial manufacturing. This part explores the benefits of using an ALM solution, and part 3 will explain why you should use an integrated advanced solution, such as Codebeamer, for all your ALM needs.

Application lifecycle management (ALM) is a project management solution that combines people, processes, and tools for application software development. In industrial manufacturing, this involves the development of software that is becoming more essential in our connected world. ALM is ultimately the framework and strategy for creating, deploying, and maintaining software within products.

Top 3 Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management

Improved Planning

ALM provides a clear framework for software development and assists in creating an organized plan to meet project requirements. This strategy makes it easier to estimate timelines and resources needed to complete a project. Each team—and each team member—has a clear understanding of their contribution to the overall project and can manage resources and time as needed to meet those goals.

Enhanced Compliance

Advanced ALM solutions help to support complex compliance requirements. Required testing is built into the planning process, and ALM automatically generates the needed audit trails. And, since processes and tools are synced to a central hub, there is no longer time wasted trying to patch the communication gaps between distributed teams. When there’s a single source of truth guiding compliance tasks, requirements are met with ease.

Faster Deployments

The connectedness of tools and processes across teams with improved planning ultimately increases efficiency to get new products to market faster. This alignment of communication and collaboration means all teams are working together in step toward the same goal.

Key ALM Features to Look For

To reap the benefits of application lifecycle management, teams must select the right tool that fits the current and future needs of ALM within their organization. Leading ALM solutions will include tools that help to define, plan, and execute on project requirements with the added support of advanced collaboration. It’s recommended to look for solutions that include tools like:

  • Application portfolio management
  • Automated tool deployment
  • Audit trails and version control
  • Planning and estimation
  • Real-time communication
  • Requirements management
  • Source code management
  • Testing, compliance, and quality assurance management

Get Started to Reap the Benefits of Application Lifecycle Management

Codebeamer from PTC is a leading ALM solution that simplifies application software development. It includes all the tools you need to truly take advantage of the benefits of application lifecycle management like:

  • Requirements management: Engineers can identify, manage, and track requirements across the lifecycle with tools for improved traceability, transparency, and collaboration efficiency.
  • Risk management: Streamlined tools to integrate software risk management into existing product development processes and ensure efficiency and compliance with risk regulations.
  • Quality assurance: Designed for teams wanting to build confidence into their software solutions through planning, development, and testing to improve quality while cutting costs.

Interested in getting started with application lifecycle management? Have questions about Codebeamer? Contact us.