This post is part 3 of a three-part series about application lifecycle management (ALM). Part 1 goes over the ALM definition and its context in industrial manufacturing. Part 2 explores the benefits of using an ALM solution, and this part explains why you should use an integrated advanced solution, such as Codebeamer, for all your ALM needs.

As discussed in our previous posts, application lifecycle management, or ALM, combines people, processes, and tools to support application software development. It’s becoming an increasingly important solution as more and more products become connected and rely on software and other applications to work. Utilizing an ALM solution helps support the development process with a proven framework—so which is the best ALM software?

As a PTC reseller, we may be a bit biased, but we’ve been working with engineering solutions for a long time. Here’s why we think Codebeamer is the best ALM software.

Why Is Codebeamer the Best ALM Software?

Codebeamer ALM is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can be customized to meet your unique requirements and empower your team. It streamlines regulatory compliance with pre-built workflows and templates that help you enhance product quality, enforce processes, and simplify critical audit prep.

Codebeamer is the scalable and enterprise-ready solution teams need to stay ahead of their competitors.

Core Functions

Requirements Management

Codebeamer makes it simple to identify, manage, and track requirements from start to finish. The advanced platform is ideal for engineers looking for traceability, transparency, and efficient collaboration throughout requirements management. Teams can trace functional and non-functional specifications from ideation, through development, and on to testing.

Risk Management

Integrated systems simplify the task of weaving software risk management into established product development activities. Easily identify, analyze, and mitigate hazards while complying with regulations. Codebeamer includes all the tools for reports and documentation, risk tracking, and risk management workflows. Plus, pre-built templates make it easy to meet compliance requirements across a range of industries for ISO 14971, IEC 60812, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304, IEC 60601, DO-178C, and other safety-critical regulations.

Quality Assurance and Testing

You don’t succeed in the digital age without high product quality—so a laser focus on safety and reliability is a basic requirement. Codebeamer helps you trace and manage quality assurance activities across the ALM process. The centralized platform makes it easy to manage requirements, development, risk, testing, and operations all in one place.

Advanced Tools and Management

In addition to Codebeamer’s core functions, the best ALM software also includes numerous tools and workflows to support teams across your organization.

  • Agile project management: Guarantee efficient collaboration when planning and managing Agile iterations and releases. Codebeamer ALM is built for Scrum, Kanban, XP, and any other Lean/Agile method.
  • DevOps: Easily integrate feedback by aligning contributions throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Use automation to streamline processes so you can spend more time delivering value and less time completing tedious tasks.
  • Product line management: Increase efficiency as you juggle multiple complex product lines by reusing items, eliminating duplicative work, and reducing the costs of developing multiple product variants.
  • Risk management: Integrate critical quality and risk management processes into the development lifecycle to ensure products are safe and reliable earlier in the process. Easily analyze and document requirement risk management activities for improved efficiency and regulatory compliance.
  • Reviews: A built-in review hub makes it easy to maintain reports to meet security, transparency, and accountability needs across development processes. Streamline approvals with easy-to-use collaboration tools.
  • Regulatory compliance: Control and monitor all processes throughout the development lifecycle, and simplify compliance with safety-critical regulations, guidelines, and quality standards.
  • Release management: Track and manage releases within a single platform so teams can track performance—even with numerous deployments.
  • Analytics: Turn insights into action as stakeholders shared data to improve application development processes.

Industry-Specific Templates and Workflows

Codebeamer is the best ALM software because it has numerous templates and workflows to meet the needs of compliant-heavy industries:

  • Automotive: ISO 26262, IEC 61508, Automotive SPICE, CMMI, etc.
  • Medical device:  ISO 13485, IEC 82304-1, ISO 14971, IEC 60812, IEC 62304, ISO 60601, EU MDR, FDA Title 21 CFR, etc.
  • Aviation and defense: DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4754A, etc.
  • Pharma: GAMP® 5 validation
  • High-tech and consumer electronics
  • Finance/FinTech
  • IT services

Ready to Purchase Codebeamer—the Best ALM Software?

As the largest PTC reseller on the West Coast (with recent expansion to the Northeast), we are a bit biased when recommending Codebeamer as the best ALM software. However, we’ve been working with PTC and other leading software solutions for a long time, and Codebeamer stands out as the solution of choice for managing the entire software development lifecycle. Its impressive range of features, from robust collaboration to comprehensive traceability and compliance, ensures your team can effectively manage complex projects.

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