PTC Creo provides an incredible range of tools to support your manufacturing operations from design to simulation and optimization. These tools improve processes, increase productivity, and get products to market faster. However, that can only happen if Creo is up and running. This requires proper Creo installation and ongoing Creo administration. Unfortunately, the existing support from PTC Creo doesn’t provide the ongoing services needed to keep your instance up and running—but don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

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Our PTC Creo Support Program: Extended Support

At NxRev, we’ve been selling PTC products like Creo and Windchill for a very long time. We’ve helped many organizations set up and maintain their Creo systems, so we understand exactly what it takes to keep Creo running smoothly. Over the years we’ve heard a lot of the same questions:

“How do I install Creo?”

“How do I keep Creo up and running?”

“I’m up to date on PTC maintenance—doesn’t that mean they do Creo administration and maintenance for me?”

A lot of our customers are unclear about the services that are included in their PTC Creo support packages or just don’t feel comfortable completing certain technical tasks on their own. Large enterprise organizations often have dedicated admins or IT teams who handle these things, but hiring a dedicated admin is out of budget for many of our customers.

We created our Extended Support Program to provide our customers with the help they need, including Creo installation and ongoing Creo maintenance.

Why the NxRev Extended Support Program

We created our Extended Support Program to make sure our customers have a partner they can rely on when using Creo. We provide additional technical support above and beyond what is included in Creo support, so you don’t have to wait days to get your system back on track. Creo promises increased productivity—but that can’t have a real impact if your system is down.

Keeping up with preventive maintenance will significantly reduce the amount of downtime your team experiences.

Creo Installation and Creo Administration

If you’re using Windchill to manage your Creo data, there’s a lot of configuration involved in your Creo installation. We provide both client-side and server-side support. This includes not just technical support, but also ongoing and preventive maintenance, including:

  • Direct Creo support ticket submission through the NxRev online portal
  • Assistance for PTC support tickets
  • PTC University account setup
  • One 1-hour mentoring session per quarter
  • New hire onboarding
  • Application of Creo datecodes
  • Continued license support

We know that a lot of customers use Windchill to manage their Creo data. Our PTC Creo support is included with our Windchill Extended Support package.

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How It’s Different from PTC Support

Now, you may be thinking “Don’t I already get all of this PTC Creo support through the maintenance package that I pay for?” The short answer is no. PTC’s support and maintenance offerings are very limited and do not include all the elements of the NxRev Extended Support Program. PTC only provides technical support, and the maintenance provided only includes patches, which PTC won’t install for you—and it’s more complicated than just using an installation wizard.

What’s more, help from PTC is usually delayed, and most of our customers find that they can’t afford several days of system downtime while they wait for a response. The help you do receive is often from a pool of support personnel. At NxRev, our engineers have loads of hands-on experience working with Creo and other PTC products. They have likely seen your problem before and know exactly what’s needed to fix it, so they don’t need to rely on established support scripts. Here’s a breakdown of the major differences:

PTC NxRev Extended Support
Response Time 2 days 2 hours
Services Technical support Technical support, ongoing maintenance, security patches, Windchill administration
Expertise Tier 1 support relies on scripted troubleshooting; you only talk to experts when all other options are exhausted Seasoned veterans all with 5+ years of experience working with PTC products
Location Global US-based support on the West Coast

Creo Installation and Ongoing Creo Administration with NxRev

Completing all the tasks required to keep Creo functioning properly is important to maintaining smooth business operations. Any unplanned downtime can have a negative impact, and, in many cases, you simply can’t wait days on end just for an acknowledgment from PTC. We understand that many of our customers don’t have the technical resources needed to complete these tasks, so we’ve designed a support package that augments those resources. Whether you’re looking to get up and running with a new Creo installation or need to keep your system updated with ongoing Creo administration, our Extended Support Program includes the services you need.

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