In today’s manufacturing environment, a lack of digital technology will erode your bottom line. Most leaders acknowledge this fact but may be uncertain which tech is the best investment for their organization. While each company’s digital transformation is unique, there is a shortlist of effective tech options proven to accelerate growth across manufacturing sectors. Topping that list is augmented reality for industry.

Adding augmented reality for industry to your digital toolbox is a proven way to streamline your training and support systems and gain a strategic advantage over competitors.

Why Augmented Reality for Industry?

Shrink the Skills Gap

The leading concern among manufacturers today is finding and keeping skilled workers. One obvious way to address this concern is to improve training. After all, Gen Z isn’t interested in learning by reading manuals, and experienced workers can’t effectively be reskilled on new techniques with traditional, outdated methods.

But innovative training is difficult to accomplish given limited trainers, money, and time. To overcome these limitations, you need an advanced but efficient approach. PTC’s Vuforia Chalk is an augmented reality for industry solution that uses the latest 3D spatial recognition technology to replace outdated manuals and confusing online modules with real-time, expert instruction—without putting a strain on resources.

Nearly 70% of manufacturers are addressing the workforce crisis by investing in internal training programs.

What is Vuforia Chalk?

How does Vuforia Chalk work?

Vuforia Chalk is a simple yet powerful augmented reality for industry solution that instantly places expert and learner in the same room—even if they’re miles apart. Using the common devices you already have (or using a RealWear headset for a hands-free experience), Chalk combines video conferencing with 3D environment mapping to create an enhanced collaboration experience between two users. Both users view the same real-time video, and both users can mark-up the objects on their screen. Thanks to 3D spatial recognition, the annotations “stick” to the objects marked, even as the camera is moved around, so guidance is specific and instructions are clear.

what is vuforia chalk - augmented reality for industry - how it work
Here are just a few of the training benefits you can realize with Vuforia Chalk:

  • Capitalize on expert skill. Your expert’s valuable time is maximized because they can conduct training when their schedule allows, from wherever they are.
  • Increase trainee engagement. More advanced than video chat alone, Vuforia Chalk offers an engaging way to communicate concepts, allowing learners to more easily retain critical information.
  • Foster learner independence. Vuforia Chalk encourages independence as every action taken is the learner’s own, molding workers who can accurately perform tasks with minimal guidance.
  • Save money on travel. AR brings an end to traveling hundreds of miles for training, so you can add those transportation and lodging expenses back into your bottom line.
  • Improve processes. After a Vuforia Chalk collaboration ends, the lasting benefits begin. Export annotated images from the call to create or update training curricula. Or, use Chalk as a QC tool to improve performance at both the user and process levels.

When you invest in augmented reality for industry training, you’re investing in your organization’s human capital.

What to know how Vuforia compares to other AR solutions?

Vuforia vs ARKit

Vuforia vs Wikitude

Vuforia vs Unity

Using Vuforia Chalk for Maintenance Support

Vuforia Chalk offers more than optimized training—it’s the ideal collaboration solution for remote support, troubleshooting, and complex maintenance:

Summon an expert. With Vuforia Chalk, an on-site technician’s eyes and hands become those of an expert, so knowledge and skills are instantly transferred to the site of the problem. Not only is the issue resolved, but the technician now has hands-on experience fixing that problem right the first time.

Cut downtime. Anyone who has troubleshot over the phone knows the frustration of wasting precious time getting on the same page then slowly homing in on the issue. Vuforia Chalk instantly puts expert and technician in sync so they can find a resolution fast, slashing equipment downtime.

Succeed the first time. Chalk’s mark-up feature sends immediate guidance from the expert, and the video aspect sends immediate feedback from the technician, so directions are precise. No guesswork means increased efficiency—and fewer calls.

Collaborate with ease. With Vuforia Chalk, you don’t need to worry about external user access—they don’t need to register or sign in to anything; the receiving user simply types in a connection code to join the session.

With manufacturing practices continually evolving, remote AR capabilities are essential for success.

Get AR-Powered Training and Support

PTC customers rave about Vuforia Chalk’s intuitive design and ease of use. And with a price point that won’t dent your budget, Vuforia Chalk is a solid investment choice for manufacturers looking to upgrade their training and support programs. For those seeking to fully capitalize on AR tech, Vuforia offers an entire suite of digital tools.

To learn how you can close your skills gap with the help of Vuforia’s AR-enabled solutions, contact us today.