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PTC Creo

Creo is the leading 3D CAD software. It provides the tools design and engineering teams need to create innovative products faster. From streamlining workflows, centralizing critical information, and making it easy to reuse existing designs, Creo helps optimize the entire design process. It replaces assumptions with facts so team members are on the same page when making critical decisions.

The Latest in Creo 5.0

The latest Creo 5.0 release includes numerous enhancements to support organizations looking to innovate and create the products of tomorrow. It includes improved:

  • User experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI)
  • Draft features
  • Helical sweep tools
  • Design-in-perspective tools
  • Sketch regions
  • Sheet metal modeling
  • Subdivisional modeling

Plus, new extensions for:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Mold machining
  • Flow analysis
  • Topology optimization
  • Collaboration for Autodesk Inventor

PTC Creo provides the tools organizations need to create innovative products faster.

Customer Stories

Learn how four companies have used Creo to improve their design and production:

Metal Formers: Improve Design Quality While Reducing Design Time

Metal Formers specializes in sheet metal manufacturing, with the goal of helping their customers bring high-quality products to market no matter how complex they are. Given their type of business, they produce a lot of prototypes and shorter product runs. Unfortunately, these physical prototypes end up wasting a lot of time and materials.

Metal Formers turned to Creo as a way to replace physical prototyping with 3D CAD modeling and design. The Creo solution was easy to learn and use and could integrate into their existing systems. In the end, Metal Formers was able to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing their products, reduce the number of wasted resources, and reduce design time by 66%.

Weinor: Produce Customizable Products Faster and at a Lower Cost

Back in 1960, Weinor started as a company that produced curtain rails and windowsills on-site for construction projects. Today, they are the largest manufacturer of sunshades and terrace weather protection systems in Northern Europe. Over time, they have transitioned from a company selling standardized products to highly technical and customizable products. With this business change, their goal was to find a solution to help them create customized products faster and at lower costs.

They eventually turned to Creo and Windchill to help them manage everything, from initial ideas, through the development and decision-making process, and all the way to production. The high visual quality helps the entire team, including designers, salespeople, and marketers, understand exactly how something will look from the very beginning. With visualization, collaboration, and communication happening earlier in the process, Weinor has been able to significantly reduce their time-to-market, thanks to Creo and Windchill.

BQ: Shorten Time-to-Market

BQ is a company that engineers and manufactures multimedia devices across the globe using 3D printers and robotic kits. They decided they wanted to expand their offerings and begin designing their products so they could better adapt to the needs of their clients.

By using PTC Creo, BQ has been able to create a more open and intuitive creative process by combining parametric and direct modeling. From designing outer shells to selecting colors, the realistic visualization tools make it easier to make critical decisions about the products’ look and feel. Improving all of these processes has allowed BQ to significantly reduce their time-to-market.

What’s more, once the design process is complete, their team uses Windchill to help manage all aspects of technical development, ensuring everyone is on the same page. PTC tools provide BQ with improved control and management across the entire development process for all of their products.

Valerio Cometti + V12 Design: Design Top-Quality Products

V12 is a design firm that develops product design, graphic design, branding, design thinking, and service design related to innovation and creativity. They create products that range from industrial design to furniture to electronics and more. Valerio Cometti, founder and creative director, has always been challenged when dealing with trying to manage both the creative and engineering sides of the development process. He always felt like these two sides clashed and one would end up suffering for the other.

He found Creo to be the perfect software that bridged the gap between the sensitivities of his design team and his own technical mechanical engineering background. Creo provides the tools, precision, and reliability he was looking for in his design company. The platform provides everything he and his team need to move all the way from sketch to the fully developed 3D model.

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