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PTC Creo is the leading CAD solution across the globe. With advanced tools to optimize design workflows, speed up time-to-market, and create better products faster, it is no wonder it has claimed this highly ranked spot.

However, as with picking any critical business solution, considering the price is important, so the question remains, “How much does Creo cost?”

PTC Creo Price

The newer versions of Creo are only available via subscription license. Under this model, a single seat of PTC Creo can be as low as $2,200* for a basic license. However, as with any type of software, it is important to remember that Creo is a single solution that can be configured in many ways. Depending on the features, functions, and price point your organization is aiming for or the number of seats/licenses, this price may increase.

PTC Creo Price: As low as $2,200* for a basic license.

The largest influence on price is the package that your organization needs for day-to-day operations. PTC Creo offers a variety of packages for:

  • 3D CAD
  • 2D CAD
  • Simulation
  • Visualization

What’s more, the latest Creo 5.0 offers some new extensions and packages that can be used to upgrade your design capabilities:

  • Creo Essentials Packages
  • Advanced Assembly Extension

Let’s explore what is included in these add-ons.

PTC Creo Packages


3D CAD is what PTC Creo is most known for. By utilizing 3D CAD, organizations can significantly increase productivity and efficiency. As a result, organizations can explore a greater number of design iterations during product development.

  • PTC Creo Direct: Easily make edits to 2D and 3D parametric designs in a complete direct modeling environment.
  • PTC Creo Parametric: Formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER or Pro/E, this module is the standard in product design, utilizing productivity tools that help you create better products faster.
  • PTC Creo Options Modeler Extension (OMX): This extension provides design engineers with the power of a parametric 3D CAD solution plus the ability to create and validate product platforms.
  • PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling: This direct approach to 3D design is perfect for companies looking to implement a flexible design strategy and shorten design cycles while also having the ability to quickly create one-off product designs.


2D CAD is the simplest transition from paper sketches and iterations to digital reference materials. By using 2D CAD, organizations are able to easily collaborate and amend sketches as design plans change over time.

  • PTC Creo Sketch: Quickly draw and communicate product ideas using the freehand Creo 2D sketching platform.
  • PTC Creo Layout: Easily leverage 2D design sketches and data to produce 3D models that accurately demonstrate design intents.
  • PTC Creo Schematics: Generate 2D schematic designs for routing systems faster than ever. Schematics can be used for a range of design routings, including piping and cabling.
  • PTC Creo Elements/Direct Drafting: Provides all the essential 2D design tools that designers and engineers need for optimizing mechanical designs.


By performing simulation early and often in the design process, organizations can find and fix potential issues early. Using these tools can significantly help cut costs by removing the need for physician prototypes and reduce overall time-to-market by being able to solve issues faster.

  • PTC Simulation: Simulate stresses of the real world using the fully integrated PTC simulation platform. It includes tools for structural, thermal, vibration, and comprehensive finite elements analysis (FEA) so you can analyze product performance before investing in physical prototypes.
  • PTC Creo Flow Analysis Extension: This CFD solution allows designers, engineers, and analysts to simulate fluid flow issues directly within Creo. The seamless workflow between CAD and CFD allows users to integrate analysis early and often to understand production function and performance.


Collaboration is key to any design process. PTC Creo includes numerous visualization packages to remove the challenge of having to be able to handle multiple CAD systems. Now your colleagues can see designs and notes in the format that suits them.

  • PTC Creo View MCAD: This universal viewing platform brings together all 3D CAD models, assemblies, drawings, documents, and images for improved collaboration without the need for native authoring applications.
  • PTC Creo View ECAD: The ECAD viewing enables the visualization, analysis, and design verification of all schematic and PCB CAD design content for improved collaboration.
  • PTC Creo Illustrate: Easily create effective technical illustrations to provide the information manufacturers need to create products. Illustrate combines 3D illustration capabilities with associative CAD data to deliver configuration-specific illustrations to help operate, service, and maintain products.
  • PTC Creo View Mobile: View complex 3D CAD models no matter where you are, using the View Mobile application specifically for iPads and iPhones.

Creo Essentials

Creo Essentials Packages are bundles of 3D CAD solutions in various product development packages. They are designed to meet the varied needs of your specific engineering design tasks and business requirements as your company grows and changes. The packages are always upgradable, providing exactly what you need as your company expands.

Essentials Premium Essentials Plus Essentials
3D Part & Assembly Design
Automated 2D Drawing Creation & Update
Multi-CAD data exchange (Unite Technology)
Parametric & Freestyle Surfacing
Assembly Management & Performance Tools
Sheet Metal Design
Mechanism Design
Plastic Part Design
Structural Framework & Weld Design
Realistic Rendering and 3D Animation
Direct Modeling (Flexible Modeling)
Basic Part Analysis
Intelligent Fastener Design
3D Printing
Augmented Reality
Design Exploration
Human Factors Design
Standard eLearning Library
Extended License Borrowing
Home Use
Performance Advisor
Securely vault all product data
Powerful Search tools
Revision Control
Structural Analysis for Parts & Assemblies
Motion Analysis
Piping/Tubing Design
Cabling/Wiring Design

Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX)

The most requested package in the Creo family, the Advanced Assembly Extension, simplifies complex designs and supports the development of advanced content with better control, design intent propagation, and system integration. It includes all the essential tools you need for top-down assembly design and streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing. The AAX extension significantly cuts down design time by optimizing design and workflow processes. Designers can make changes with confidence knowing that all necessary information is automatically propagated across all critical information. AAX includes:

  • Tools to plan and manage large assemblies
  • Automation to automatically generate designs for customized products
  • Top-down design tools
  • Reference viewer and reference control capabilities
  • Improved collaboration tools, with the ability to plan the assembly process ahead of time

PTC Creo and NxRev

As we mentioned, the starting PTC Creo price is around $2,200 per seat. However, that may not include all the tools your organization needs. In order to determine the right number of licenses and which packages you need, we recommend finding a solution partner like us, NxRev. As the largest PTC reseller on the West Coast, we have a lot of experience working with a variety of companies to come up with the Creo solution that works best for them. Interested in getting a PTC Creo price quote for your organization? Just contact us.

*This is the starting price for a basic seat of Creo. Any package add-ons, maintenance agreements, and additional seats will increase the price. This was the price at the time that this blog was published.  Use the pricing calculator in the sidebar to get current pricing.