Product data and the expertise of your engineers are both extremely valuable assets to your company. Unfortunately, both decrease in value when product data is disorganized. The time and expertise of your engineers becomes under-utilized as they are forced to spend their time fulfilling data requests, instead of applying their knowledge towards the engineering projects you hired them for.

Your engineers should be spending their time creating amazing products, not fulfilling data requests.

If you feel like your organization has this problem, you’re not alone. Many companies struggle to keep product data organized and updated. Licensing costs make it difficult to provide everyone with the data access they need, but this access is crucial to making product decisions. Without universal data access, your company could be making decisions based on inaccurate information leading to significant business consequences.

So what can help solve this data access debacle? PTC Navigate.

Data Access for All

PTC Navigate provides your organization with a platform to give everyone access to the data they need at an affordable price. By making data accessible to all employees, your organization can make informed product decisions that have a positive influence on your business.

PTC Navigate provides data access for everyone at an affordable price.

Improve Products with Connected Data

The value of your product data dramatically increases when you’re able to connect it to an organized system. PTC Navigate organizes data in a way that is easy to understand. You no longer have to search for documents or check to make sure everything is up to date, it’s all there right when you need it.

Increase the value of product data by organizing it in a way that is easy to understand.

Besides improving the development of future products, PTC Navigate can provide you with insight into your current products and processes. By connecting data, everyone can visualize and understand the design progression throughout development process. This allows your organization to make better products based on informed decisions.


PTC Navigate is the perfect organizational software for any company that deals with product data. Its additional benefits make it more than just a useful tool to assist in your company’s decision-making process. PTC Navigate is:

  • Easy-to-use: with an intuitive user interface, your organization doesn’t have to waste valuable time training users, everyone can use PTC Navigate right away.
  • Context-driven: easily integrate straight into your PLM and ERP systems through customizable applications, and provide users with product data in the proper context.
  • Searchable: always find the products you’re looking for with advanced search functions based on selected attributes or properties within CAD files.
  • Customizable: easily change the view to include only the information you need, rather than getting overwhelmed with unnecessary data.
  • Modular: PTC Navigate’s application suite is easily tailored to leverage existing capabilities.
  • System-agnostic: the back systems of PTC Navigate are updated independently of the software, so you’re never interrupted with “update” notifications.
  • Secure: Customizable role-based permissions allow administrators to decide what information should and should not be accessible.
  • IoT-enabled: PTC Navigate can compile and utilize data from products or equipment connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), providing you with additional insight of how your products are being used.
  • Mobile-ready: PTC Navigate is compatible with all major computer and mobile operating systems, so your users can use whatever device they are most comfortable with.

If you deal with product data, you need PTC Navigate.

Simple Applications

At the heart of PTC Navigate is a suite of applications that make viewing and understanding product data that much easier. The applications are customizable so you can address your organization’s specific needs. The suite includes the following applications:

  • View Document
  • View Drawing
  • View Part Properties
  • View Part List
  • View Part Structure
  • View and Measure in 3D
  • View Design Files

Revolutionize PLM with PTC Navigate

PTC Navigate is the perfect solution to your organization’s product data mess. With easy integration into your existing PLM and ERP systems, you can be sure that you always have the most up-to-date information to make better decisions. Everyone has access to everything they need from a centralized system to increase product quality and get products to market faster.

Want to improve your company’s decision-making process? Contact us today about PTC Navigate or any of our other software solutions.

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