The Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX) is an integrated software solution that makes routing optimization easy by automating and speeding up the design process. Current piping and cabling options are inefficient and error-prone. Creo PCX helps you design the best routings and not just settle for the first solution.

Creo PCX is an integrated solution that makes it easy to design the best piping and cabling routes.

Current solutions are inadequate…

Manual Routings

Manual routings are completed late in the design process and are time-consuming. As a result, designers often get stuck with routings that work but are not optimal because they were conceived of so late in the process that it’s impractical to make the required design changes that would optimize the overall design.

These sub-optimal designs are often hard to service and/or incur relatively high manufacturing costs.

Creo PCX removes the need for manual routings by automating optimization directly in the platform.

What’s more physical routings often have missing or error-ridden manufacturing documents.

Third Party Routing Software

Similar to manual routings, third party routings occur late in the design process and thus make significant design reworks difficult or impractical. Plus, since third party routings don’t get updated when design changes are made earlier in the process, significantly more manual work is required compared to an integrated solution.

Creo PCX Optimizes Through Schematic Design

Engineers can avoid costly mistakes and reworks by defining 3D piping and cabling routes early on in the design process with an integrated piping and cabling component like Creo PCX.

A schematic process allows designers to optimize their designs early and avoid costly mistakes.

  • 2D piping and cabling diagrams are created in a dedicated environment. No need to import or export files, your diagrams can be produced right in Creo.
  • By referencing 2D schematic logic, 3D piping and cabling routings are defined and generated automatically. Creo PCX even includes piping connectivity and fitting information, ensuring that all of your pieces will fit together perfectly.
  • Piping and cabling routings are then optimized by referencing the 3D geometry. This optimization is completed with drag handles and on the fly editing.
  • Once augmented, routings are validated by comparing the 3D data against the 2D schematic logic.
  • Manufacturing deliverables are defined automatically within Creo PCX, and available for a wide range of downstream processes.

Advanced Capabilities

Creo PCX makes it easy to connect the electrical and mechanical design processes by automating the creation of routings and generating the necessary manufacturing deliverables.

Creo PCX connects the electrical and mechanical design processes.

Additional Creo PCX capabilities include tools for:

  • Copper work
  • Large bore pipes
  • Route cable and harness designs
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses
  • High and low-pressure tubing

Get Creo PCX Today!

Creo PCX is the only program you need for all your piping and cabling designs. Forget error-prone manual routings or supplemental third-party software.

With Creo PCX you can design and optimize all your routings from start to finish.

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