There’s an amazing new material for the MarkTwo 3D printer!

Onyx is composed of an exceptionally tough nylon that’s been mixed with chopped carbon.


Strong Parts

Onyx has the toughness of nylon, the stiffness of fiber-reinforced plastic, and a heat deflection temperature of 145C! Onyx can be used alone, or further reinforced with Markforged’s standard composite 3D printing process with embedded continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fiberglass layers.

Gorgeous Parts with no post processing necessary

Onyx parts have an exquisite matte black finish that’s perfect for end use parts…. With no further chemical or mechanical post-processing necessary!

This is a game changing material.

NxRev is very excited about the new material Onyx. It should add a whole new element to printing with the Mark Forged printer.

Scott Carmichael, CEO of NxRev had this to say:

“The improvement in overall strength to the parts printed in Onyx will drastically impact what is possible with the MarkTwo! Not only will the parts looks totally awesome (who doesn’t love black printed parts!) but by improving the strength in the Z or printed direction, parts will be significantly stronger and stiffer, and that’s even before you reinforce it with Continuous Carbon Fiber or Kevlar!”

MG_7260 small


What 3D Printers will print Onyx?

Only Markforged’s Enterprise MarkTwo Printers will print Onyx.

What is the price of Onyx?

$190 per spool (800cc)

When will Onyx be available?

We’re accepting orders now. Shipping will begin within the week.

Got More Questions?

Give us a call at 408-986-0200 or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about Onyx or the MarkTwo 3D printers.

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