CAD Embedded CFD Analysis

Previously, CFD analysis was the reserve of highly skilled specialists. Luckily, designers can now do this analysis on their own, right in the CAD program of choice.

Having a CFD embedded in a CAD tool like Creo allows for:

  • Quick changes in part dimensions and assembly constraints
  • Easy “what-if” design scenarios
  • Rapid design optimization
  • Reduced re-spins and product failures.

FloEFD and Creo

FloEFD is a general purpose CFD tool which is embedded in PTC Creo. FloEFD can handle a range of CFD simulation tasks based around fluid flow and heat transfer in an easy to use package directly within Creo.

FloEFD also integrates with Creo family tables to take advantage of pre-defined assembly and part variants. Users can easily evaluate how any modifications influence the performance of the design without the hassle of data translation or reapplying boundary conditions and material properties.

The FloEFD concurrent CFD approach spans up-front conceptual design from working prototypes to finished product. FloEFD eliminates the workflow complexity and meshing overheads of old-school CFD software.

Unlike other 3rd party CFD programs, FloEFD for Creo works directly with native Creo geometry – with no translation or copies – in order to keep pace with on-going design changes.

Quickly evaluate the design envelope by assessing results by:

  • Numerical values
  • Graphs
  • Visual images and animations.


Some of the advantages of FloEFD over other CFD tools are:

  • Easier-to-use
  • Automated meshing
  • Robust convergence criteria
  • Streamlined workflows


Free FloEFD Trial and Tutorial

Get a free 30-day trial version and on-demand test-drive/tutorial that focuses on:

  • FloEFD’s CAD embedded CFD approach
  • How to leverage parametric variations
  • How FloEFD deals with complex MCAD data
  • How analysis results can drive design decisions
  • Ease of use and accuracy for designers

Try FloEFD for Creo for free or call us at 408-986-0200 to understand how FloEFD stacks up against other embedded simulation software packages like PTC Simulate.