Since it debuted on the market, the Mark Two 3D printer has been redefining what people expect from 3D printed objects.

The MarkForged machine prints nylon parts, which can be reinforced with three types of material: carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass. This allows users to create working prototypes and high-quality end-use products – a huge milestone in the quest to streamline the design process.
mark two software
These frequently asked questions shed light on Mark Two software, its ease of use, and how it enables designers and engineers to create products that push the envelope.

Is the software included for free when I purchase a Mark Two printer?
Yes, access to our software is included with the purchase of a Mark Two.

Can I use 3rd party software with the Mark Two?
No. The CFF™ printhead in the Mark Two™ requires special software to operate correctly. We’ve also included advanced path planning algorithms to reduce your print time, and maximize part strength for every print.

What kind of files can be imported into the MarkForged software?
Our software can import .STL and .OBJ models.

Can the orientation of the fibers be controlled?
Yes. The software can automatically choose the orientation of fibers, or you can specify the orientation on a layer-by-layer basis. Our software was specifically designed to give users total control over fiber orientation in each layer and thus, directional strength.

Where can I obtain models to print on my Mark Two?
Models can either be created using any CAD or 3D modeling programs that are capable of exporting a model in one of the supported formats. Alternatively, models can also be downloaded from the various sources on the Internet.

Do I need a separate model file for each material like some other multi-material printers?
Only one model is required for each part.

Want more information, or ready to buy?
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