Looking at a CNC machine while it’s running for a company like madeCNC is oddly transfixing. Its quiet hum on the shop floor masks the complicated slots and pockets it mills with incredible accuracy and speed.

Those versions known as “machine centers” are even capable of changing their own tools – letting parts go through multiple steps without the need for workers to get involved.

The workmanship behind these machines is remarkable, with features like:

  • An immovable base
  • A high-torque spindle that turns the milling tool
  • A saddle that holds and moves the work piece

They may also have additional options and accessories, like CNC components, a cooling system, a means to remove chips as they fly off the blank, and a magazine to hold additional tools.

Maxmill Machinery, a Taiwan-based machine and milling tools developer, strives to create CNC machines with unmatched precision and accuracy, as well as long-lasting high-quality results.

Their BMC series of machining centers are made to endure extreme dimensions and masses.

Maxmill’s equipment can be used to machine dies, plastic injection molds, and parts for industries like automotive and aerospace. This has helped Maxmill provide first-rate, lasting products for their customers for nearly 20 years.

Recently, Maxmill adopted PTC Creo as their 3D CAD engineering tool. To improve their product development, they sought a more reliable, powerful system to handle large assemblies. Creo offers simplified reps, heat shrink wrap capabilities, and many other features designed to help Maxmill keep their large assemblies manageable.

Creo also supports automatic BOM creation, enabling designers to populate even the most extensive BOM tables with just a few setup steps. This has enabled them to decrease their BOM creation time by 25%.

PTC also offers Maxmill outstanding support for concept designs. The Creo suite comes with a free sketch tool that helps designers quickly capture ideas in a sketch format, similar to how they’d use pens or markers.

Direct modeling apps allow engineers to launch existing models and quickly modify the geometry, without worrying about existing design constraints, as they try out new alternatives.

Their success with Creo has convinced Maxmill to shelve Autodesk, their previous CAD system.

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