What does it take to create a product that redefines your industry’s marketplace?

Ask the SKF Group about PTC Mathcad and their latest rolling bearing.

Based in Göteborg, Sweden, the SKF Group leads the world in supplying products, customer services and solutions in the rolling bearing and seals business. Over the last 100 years, they’ve been responsible for each iteration of the rolling bearing, one of the most ubiquitous technologies in the world.

Their latest design is the CARB® Toroidal Roller Bearing. Introduced in 1995, it can handle angular misalignment, axial displacement, and higher loading – functionality that none of its competitors possessed at the time of its creation.

The design and development team that created the CARB Toroidal Roller Bearing chose PTC Mathcad as their design tool. The design tool performs every calculation, from basic sketches to finished product, and even uses given rules to make materials and dimensions decisions.

By combining PTC Mathcad with a database and a web interface, SKF was able to make their results available to their manufacturing units around the globe. Mathcad was able to extract data from the base, calculate and optimize the bearing’s components, and feed back results. After this short process, manufacturing units in any country can use a Web interface to access the data.

Mathcad also allows their team to easily perform complex computations using an intuitive and readable interface. They can specify critical design parameters, like size, load-carrying capacity and material composition, then perform analyses of the design’s performance in various sizes and applications. Mathcad even keeps track of all the tests the SKF team runs, enabling them to innovate based on historical performance.

All of this has enabled SKF to create hundreds of custom iterations of the toroidal roller bearings, ranging in size from 50 millimeters to 2 meters.

Speed, efficiency, sheer capability – with PTC Mathcad, SKF’s products will stay at the forefront of their industry for the next century and beyond.

To learn more about how SKF team gets the most out of PTC Mathcad, read their customer story on the PTC website.

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