Upgrading from Pro/Engineer or Elements/Pro?

Last month, PTC came out with its newest version of Creo, Creo 2.0.

But what does this mean to you, the Creo user who is still running Pro/Engineer or Elements/Pro?

If you haven’t upgraded to Creo yet, you’re missing out on a ton of great new features that that will make designing/creating objects so much easier and more intuitive than in the previous product suites.  And Creo 2.0 is even more stable and feature-rich than the previous release, Creo 1.0.

Here are our some of our favorite new features in Creo 2.0:

Enhanced Tools

Many new applications have been added to Creo 2.0, specifically designed to help you accomplish your tasks more quickly and efficiently. Productivity has increased tenfold with this update. Here are just a few of the productivity-boosting tools you’ll find in this new release:

  • Measure – The new streamlined measure tool offers significant performance and usability improvements. Now you can perform multiple measures and gain insights into single dimensions and measurements in a single operation, on any selected surface. And you can copy and paste your measurements, making it easy to use or share your data seamlessly across other documents and spreadsheets.
  •  Cross Sections – Working with cross sections has also become easier and more dynamic.  Pick any plane or point of reference on an object, and Creo 2.0 will automatically add the cross section. Another new feature is a pop-up window that opens in the graphics screen and displays a 2D profile in which you can highlight specific parts of the design that might cause interference.
  • Freeform Surfaces Creo 2.0’s enhanced freestyle capabilities make it faster and easier than ever to create.   Now you can produce even more refined surfaces with even higher levels of detail — all without giving up top-level control over the general freeform shape.  Creo 2.0 significantly reduces the time you’ll need to transform concepts into precise, highly detailed and aesthetic product designs.

Sketching — From Your Imagination to the Screen

The ability to sketch an idea that you have in your head is critical to the design experience. With Creo 2.0, sketching has become even more intuitive. Setting up your view and picking your reference point is now smoother and faster. The new dynamic preview also allows you to see how the changes you’re making will affect the model before implementing them.

Creo Options Modeler

The newest app in the suite, Creo Options Modeler bridges the gap between the configuration and customization of a specific product to its 3D design. Now you can see instantly how changes in different options affect the final product in the 3D build model, allowing for much faster design cycles. The Options Modeler also improves productivity by handling everything in one location and eliminating potential data transfer errors.

New Muscle Under the Hood

With the new Lightweight Graphics Representations, Creo 2.0 leverages ProductView technology to deliver a faster, smarter approach to loading and exploring data. Loading is 40 times quicker than in the last update, and a new capability, “Track Changes,” lets you see a history of all of the edits you’ve made to your project. 

As you can see, it’s time to make the switch and upgrade from Pro/Engineer or Elements/Pro to Creo 2.0.  With Creo, you’ll have much more control over what you can do, and you’ll be able to achieve your design goals much more quickly and efficiently.

At NxRev, we understand that your time is invaluable, and we believe that you will save a ton of it by switching to Creo 2.0. But don’t take our word for it — contact NxRev today to purchase your copy of Creo 2.0. If you need help getting started, sign up for one of our training sessions. Or call us at 408-986-0200, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.