Creo Plus, also known as Creo+, provides the same power and functionality you know and love from the Creo platform—now in a SaaS CAD software format. This version of Creo includes new cloud-based tools designed to enhance collaboration and simplify administration.

Creo Plus gives you all the features and functionality of Creo in a flexible SaaS CAD format.

Understanding SaaS CAD

Why SaaS CAD?

Using SaaS CAD instead of a traditional on-premise deployment for Creo provides a more efficient model for the licensing, delivery, and management of Creo CAD software. Creo+ connects you to the cloud, so accessing data and scaling operations become even easier. Real-time collaboration increases team efficiency and supports smoother interactions with outside partners. Overall, a SaaS CAD format opens up capabilities that an on-premise solution cannot offer.

Benefits of SaaS CAD

Deploying Creo in a SaaS CAD format boosts your organization’s power in several ways:

  • Increased productivity and innovation: Your entire organization gets automatic updates on new functionalities. Teams can immediately take advantage of the latest technologies and collaborate in real-time to create more innovative products faster.
  • A better user experience: Instant feature deployment means users always work at the highest level. All users access the same tools and features, and modification controls make design conflicts a thing of the past.
  • Improved license management: Quickly and easily deliver required licenses to groups and users as needed through simple desktop tools.
  • Guaranteed data security: Creo+ is secure by design, and your IP stays protected with tight access control.

Creo+ or Creo Plus—it’s the same great product

Creo+ combines the functionality of the traditional Creo platform with the efficiency of a SaaS CAD format. Users can collaborate in real-time and leverage enhanced cloud-based tools to improve accessibility and simplify license management. And Creo+ is compatible with the on-premise version of Creo, which means no hiccups when working with other engineering teams or suppliers.

Exclusive Creo+ Cloud-Based Capabilities

Control Center

With the streamlined cloud-based interface, it’s easy to deploy new features, manage access, and maintain visibility across your organization:

  • Access telemetry to see how software is being used
  • Automatically deploy updates
  • Manage entitlements from a single, central location
  • Reduce time spent installing and upgrading software
  • Simplify access management with group and individual profiles

Real-Time Collaboration

Multiple users can easily collaborate in real-time with dedicated workspace sessions. Changes are automatically synchronized to ensure all team members are working on the latest version of designs. Sessions track and display changes as they’re made, so it’s easy to see what other users have done. To support rapid innovation, users can even create branching design variations and then merge them back into the design.

Creo+ Also Includes Traditional Creo Features

Creo+ lets designers create together in real-time and takes time-consuming installs and updates off the admin’s plate.

Get Started with Creo+

Creo + is available with the Design Essentials, Design Advanced, or Design Advanced Professional packages, with additional design extensions available. Get started with Creo+ SaaS CAD for a competitive advantage that allows your team to create better products faster. The latest innovative technologies increase productivity, with streamlined collaboration that saves time and money.

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