The new release of Codebeamer 2.0 has arrived. This latest version is more integrated and scalable than ever, with significant updates to Working Sets, template management, APIs, and OSLC. It’s ideal for solving complex product and software development challenges for the most technical and regulated industries. Here’s everything you need to know.

Codebeamer 2.0 helps you reduce errors while increasing your project speed.

This blog is all about Codebeamer ALM – if you want more information on ALM, check out our Application Lifecycle Management 101 blog series:

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New Features in Codebeamer 2.0


Template Management with API

Updated template management features include on-demand inheritance so template trackers can be updated on demand. Templates are now developed on a separate staging server and then deployed to the configuration based on projects and production.

The updated API simplifies this template deployment. Customers can programmatically deploy templates without using the graphical user interface (GUI). Even better, deployment can be scheduled to run outside of working hours, making it less susceptible to human error.


Reduce administration effort with the new licensing management capabilities offered through the standard industry deployment and license generation solution, FlexLM (now called FlexNet Publisher). This upgraded capability provides more flexibility, allowing shared license servers, multiple Codebeamer servers, and more. Plus, PTC customers can standardize using FlexLM to further reuse knowledge and skills.


On previous versions of Codebeamer, customers could use OSLC to trace from Windchill and PTC Modeler to the Codebeamer requirements they satisfy. Codebeamer 2.0 takes this integration to the next level with the ability to trace from Codebeamer items to:

  • Parts in Windchill PLM
  • Model items in PTC Modeler
  • Items in Windchill RV&S

These updates make it easier to comply with industry regulations and streamline product lifecycle flow from requirements through design, implementation, and testing.

Working Sets

Codebeamer 2.0 makes Working Set creation a breeze with minimal disc use and memory consumption. Instead of copying all the data to create a new set, the new Working Set references the original one. This also means new Working Sets can be made even when the source data is inconsistent.

Get Started with Codebeamer 2.0

The new Codebeamer 2.0 significantly improves performance and simplifies scalability, with the ability to use up to 1,000 trackers and 100,000 items to substantially increase productivity across teams of all sizes.

Codebeamer 2.0 is the ideal central development hub to connect people, processes, and tools across product development and throughout the product lifecycle. If you’re ready to get started or are looking for a custom quote, contact us.