The global automotive industry is changing rapidly. Automotive companies must contend with introducing new engine types, shifting consumer tastes, legal challenges, complicated supply chains, and the rapid addition of new safety and connectivity technologies and components, all of which urge automotive repair companies like this Pickerings Auto Service to adopt new mechanical and technological skills in order to keep repairing and maintaining the future of cars.

Whew! It’s no wonder CAD for automotive design has become a necessity. But how can a company choose the best solution? The trick is to focus on the architecture and strategy of the CAD supplier rather than the minutiae of individual features. Here’s a look at why this is the best way to choose the right CAD for automotive design for your company – and why Creo is the best solution.

Drive Industry 4.0 with New Technologies

Creo includes built-in support for Industry 4.0 technologies such as 3D manufacturing tools to help reduce weight while improving crash resistance. It also includes IoT capabilities for remote assistance and diagnosing service problems. Virtual Reality (VR) can be used to help buyers get a feel for the car before purchasing or to train them on advanced features. Choosing Creo as your CAD for automotive design is the wave of the future for automotive manufacturers looking to the future.

Creo includes the tools you need to create the connected cars of the future.

Speed Time to Market

With the automotive market changing so quickly, time to market matters now more than ever, and Creo allows you to simulate the entire manufacturing process to see where errors and flaws might creep in. You can even compare multiple versions of your proposed process to see which offers the highest quality or lowest cost. You’ll be able to identify critical components in time to redesign or create jigs and fixtures that can assure quality assembly, so you reach the market quickly, with a high-quality vehicle that includes the latest features.

Propel Quality and Risk Management to the Forefront

Most major automotive OEMs have adopted MMOG/LE to help with supply chain risk mitigation, and here again, Creo can help by ensuring your designs use readily available components that are designed for consistent quality. Failing MMOG/LE audits is a major calamity-don’t risk your business on an unproven, untested design. Creo CAD for automotive design is the best way to ensure your designs are as bulletproof as possible.

Mobilize Smart Manufacturing

Simulation of your manufacturing process during the design phase can ensure you work out any kinks digitally, where corrections are much less costly than in the real world. In addition, Creo can predict intervals for preventive maintenance, tool replacement and other causes of expensive unplanned downtime, helping to ensure a steady supply of quality vehicles and fewer unexpected costs and delays.

Steer Your Success with CAD for Automotive Design

Whether you are looking to add a Level 4 or 5 vehicle to your lineup, increase service revenue with automatic maintenance scheduling, improve fleet mileage with electric vehicles, or cement customer loyalty with closer communications and safety monitoring, CAD for automotive is an essential tool.

Using Creo CAD for automotive design is the essential tool that will help you stay competitive.

Why Creo CAD for Automotive Design is the Best Choice

Not all CAD systems are looking to the future the way Creo from PTC does. Many of today’s CAD systems still use archaic user interfaces or force engineers and designers to turn to third-party tools for 3D simulations. Only Creo is focused on future technologies that make CAD essential for the automotive industry. Creo is recognized as a leader by most industry analysts. Maybe that’s why automotive companies such as Volkswagen, LHP Engineering, and many others have adopted Creo to help transform their automotive manufacturing.

PTC and Creo don’t stop helping you at the factory door. Creo can help your dealer network close sales faster with 3D virtual reality test drives, and later help speed up service times by guiding technicians through problem diagnosis and repair. The result is a high quality, low-cost vehicle that hits the market fast with the newest features and that easily gains a reputation for low list prices and low cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs.

PTC Creo is the CAD for automotive design that helps improve processes throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Win the Global Competitive Race with PTC Creo CAD for Automotive Design

We admit that we are biased in favor of Creo over other CAD for automotive design possibilities. After all, we are a PTC reseller – but we chose PTC for their strategic planning and thinking, their knowledge of the manufacturing and automotive industry, and their ability to recognize and adopt technology trends well ahead of the pack. If those characteristics also define your company, Creo CAD is the solution you need to stay the course on the winding road ahead of the industry.

To learn more about using Creo as your CAD for automotive design, contact us today for a conversation with a member of our knowledgeable team.