Manufacturers today know that to stay competitive, they need to power up their digital manufacturing efforts. Manufacturing companies all over the world are undergoing a digital transformation that creates new products and services, increases quality, reduces costs, and speeds time to market to produce happier customers. What’s not to like?

Before your company can embark on your Industry 4.0 journey, you need to ensure you have the right tools in place to support your team. One of the most important tools you should have is a 3D CAD and modeling solution, and Creo from PTC is the leader by a longshot. Here are just a few of the reasons why Creo is the foundation of your digital transformation.

Support your Industry 4.0 journey with Creo, the best CAD for manufacturing.

Power Up Digital Manufacturing with New Technologies

Creo has built-in support for Industry 4.0 technologies like IIoT and additive manufacturing. Unlike many other 3D CAD systems, Creo includes standards and formula-driven lattices, such as gyroids, stochastic foam or conformal lattices, allowing you to define custom shapes as needed for optimal product design. Creo also allows you to optimize the build direction to reduce manufacturing time without compromising quality.

Speed Time to Market

When your design team can simulate the manufacturing process in real-time, you can see right away what works and what doesn’t. You can test colors, casings, controls, and other features to determine the best possible design or complete multiple simulations and immediately compare results. Creo is designed for the fast-paced, iterative design process of manufacturing industry leaders.

Ensure Product Quality at Lower Costs

When your design team can simulate the manufacturing process in real-time, you can instantly pinpoint where problems may occur and make changes to prevent them. The result is lower costs thanks to reduced scrap and reworks as well as adherence to quality objectives.

Improve Collaboration

Cloud-based AR changes the way designers work by enabling easy yet secure collaboration with customers, suppliers, and members of the global design team. Users can see the design in context, whether that is the factory floor or the user site. You can quickly change and republish designs, knowing that your IP is secure. Stakeholders can view and interact with designs using a HoloLens or other mobile or wearable devices.

Seeing designs placed in the real-world significantly improves collaboration – even across dispersed teams.

Improve Designs with Real-time Simulations

In the race to market with new products, it’s important to get product details right the first time, and real-time simulation is the best way to achieve that goal. Creo’s real-time simulation capabilities run in the background to provide immediate feedback as designers and engineers make changes. There’s no need to move between windows and applications or create simplified solutions because old-style analytics engines can’t handle what you need. Creo Simulate Live provides structural, thermal, and modal analysis on parts or assemblies, letting you design with confidence because you can simulate more options in less time.

The Power of PTC

PTC is a powerhouse in PLM, CAD, IIoT, and engineering solutions. Many of the top manufacturing companies in the world use PTC tools every day to design their products and production processes, to manage and analyze their data, and to connect with customers and suppliers.

PTC takes its role as an industry leader seriously and provides online education, support, and customer forums to ensure users get the most from its products. But don’t take our word for it—check out what others in the industry think about PTC.

  • Gartner named PTC a visionary in its prestigious Magic Quadrant.
  • IDC named PTC a leader in global industrial IoT in a recent Marketscape report.
  • Forrester named PTC a PLM and IoT platform leader in its Wave reports.

PTC provides powerful solutions for every component of your manufacturing operations from PLM to IIoT.

Stay Ahead of the Pack with Creo and PTC

Since we are one of PTC’s resellers, we’ll admit we may be slightly biased in favor of Creo over all other 3D CAD and visualization tools, but we always try to keep an open mind. We’ve been in the CAD business for a long time, and we know the market well. For more information on how Creo stacks up against other CAD for manufacturing solutions, check out our available comparisons:

Or, if you’d like to learn more about why we—and so many others—think Creo is essential to success in modern manufacturing, contact us today.