Product lifecycle management (PLM) helps organizations manage all things related to product information. It allows teams and individuals to accurately track information to improve product development across teams, locations, partners, suppliers, and CAD applications.

95% of manufacturers plan to purchase and deploy PLM solutions in the next 24 months.

Smaller organizations looking to implement robust enterprise applications like PLM are leaning towards cloud implementations. By using cloud PLM via SaaS, these companies can reap the benefits like increased efficiency, decreased risk, and faster time to market with minimal costs and little IT maintenance.

Cloud PLM Powered by Windchill

PTC offers cloud PLM powered by the robust Windchill PLM platform. By using the cloud, organizations can instantly deploy the solution with flexible pricing options. It’s ideal for effectively managing product changes with pre-defined automated approval processes that ensure there are no costly late stage design changes. By using Windchill PLM, you have a solution that can support you now and in the future as you grow and evolve. Using Windchill PLM on the cloud provides you with:

  • Rapid time to value with proven, enterprise-quality, IoT-ready PLM capabilities
  • Top-of-the-line performance, reliability, and security
  • Improved team collaboration with purpose-built, role-based applications
  • A scalable solution with active user pricing and seamless integrations

Using Windchill PLM as a cloud PLM provides you with a flexible SaaS solution that helps increase collaboration, manage product data, and improve workflows.

Cloud PLM for Engineering Innovation

Utilizing Windchill as a cloud PLM provides your engineers with a tool to accelerate product development and innovation. Windchill PLM is a smart, easy, and production-ready solution that helps them design more efficiently and accurately. Engineers are able to increase collaboration, seamlessly and securely manage high volumes and varieties of product data, and be more active in their PLM solution with expanded and quickly deployable capabilities.

Cloud PLM Optimized for Simple IT Operations

Traditional enterprise PLM solutions are great but managing the complicated infrastructure can be a pain for IT. Windchill is the simple, secure, and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes. Windchill as a cloud PLM removes the IT resource burden and helps you cut back on infrastructure spending. You get the benefits of an enterprise-worthy solution without the IT headache.

Cloud PLM Capabilities

Windchill PLM on the cloud helps you optimize your PLM foundation with:

  • Bill of Materials (BoM) management
  • MCAD data management
  • Configuration management
  • Parts classification
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain management
  • Platform structures management

It also helps you get value out of the solution faster with:

  • Cloud PLM migration services
  • Cloud PLM extended services
  • Value ready deployments
  • System integrations

And, of course, you want your PLM solution to help you innovate with tools to differentiate and accelerate your product development:

  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Visualization
  • Business reporting
  • IoT tools

Revolutionize Operations with a Cloud PLM Platform

PLM solutions have the tools organizations need to improve operations, create better products, and increase profits. By having access to critical product information at a moment’s notice, everyone remains on the same page and can help contribute to critical decisions, regardless of physical location. Teams are able to optimize product development processes and continue to innovate faster.

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