Creo 5.0 is coming! The latest release of PTC’s revolutionary CAD software is coming out in late March and is packed full of new features and capabilities. Creo 5.0 promises to improve designs and collaboration between teams by replacing design assumptions with facts to help you create groundbreaking connected products. Here is what you need to know:

Creo 5.0 Release Date

Creo 5.0 is coming out on March 19, 2018. All of the new capabilities and features will be available except for Topology Optimization, which will be released in an update later in May. The release of Creo 5.0 coupled with the move to subscription-only licenses for PTC is the beginning of larger annual releases of Creo. PTC plans on releasing larger updates every year to make sure they are providing the latest technological improvements and tools for their customers.

Creo 5.0 is coming out on March 19, 2018.

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Creo 5.0 Features

Creo 5.0 promises to revolutionize how teams work together by replacing design assumptions with actual facts. Teams never again have to infer how something will work; using Creo they will know everything they need to make critical design decisions.

Creo 5.0 provides overall productivity and UX improvements directly out of the box, plus:

  • Additions to Unite technology: Unite technology now has an extension for Autodesk Inventor, making it easier for teams to collaborate across programs without having to worry about error-prone file translations.
  • Improved computational fluid dynamics (CFD) functionality: Creo 5.0 includes CFD tools created with designers in mind. Rather than including complicated analysis functionality, the new platform has simplified analysis tools to make it easier for designers to understand CFD.
  • New mold machining tools: Create custom molds for final production products and parts using the new capabilities in Creo 5.0.
  • Additive manufacturing capabilities: 3D printing capabilities have been improved for a better user experience and have added tools to design and optimize for metal 3D printing.
  • Topology optimization: Even though this functionality won’t be available until May, the enhancements in topology optimization will help teams create better products faster.

Creo 5.0 replaces design assumptions with facts so your team can make informed decisions quickly.

Creo 5.0 Price

Creo 5.0 sounds awesome, but we know you’re wondering, “How much does it cost?” Unfortunately, since PTC has not had their formal announcement about the release of Creo 5.0 and all the awesome details we don’t know for sure how much it will cost. Based on previous large software releases we think it will be around the same price point, so around $2,000 per seat.

Creo 5.0 will cost around $2,000 per seat.

Creo 5.0: The Latest in CAD

Creo 5.0 promises to improve collaboration and boost creativity between teams, allowing them to unleash the possibilities of their designs. By improving IoT, AR, and flow analysis capabilities, Creo 5.0 will help you create smart and connected products built for the 21st century.

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