When everyone in your organization has access to the product data they need, you become more successful. Universal data access is crucial for keeping your product information organized and up to date. This helps everyone make accurate product decisions throughout the development process. PTC Navigate is the universal data access software you need to make better product decisions in order to accelerate development and increase profitability.

Accelerate development, increase profitability, and make better products with PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate.

Hold on, the title says “ThingWorx Navigate,” what is that?

Recently, PTC changed the name of their robust product data management software from PTC Navigate to ThingWorx Navigate. Even though there was a name change, nothing substantial has been changed within the product. ThingWorx Navigate still has all of the same amazing features and benefits as PTC Navigate.

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PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate Applications

PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate includes a suite of applications that your team can use to access and view product information. All of the applications can be modified to meet your organization’s unique needs. Plus, role-based permissions make it easy to control data access for specific users. The applications included in PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate are:

  • View Document
  • View Design Files
  • View Drawing
  • View & Measure in 3D
  • View Part Properties
  • View Parts List
  • View Part Structure


Customize all of the applications within PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate to accommodate your organization’s specific needs.

Advanced Features

PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate includes advanced features that support everyone within your enterprise. These features help you produce high-quality products faster through an organized and integrated system.

PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate is:

  • Compatible: the software works with all major computer and mobile operating systems.
  • Secure: role-based permissions can be used to control product data access for individual users or third-party teams.
  • Customizable: applications, views, and layouts can be tailored to an organization’s or an individual’s preferences.
  • Searchable: advanced search functions allow individuals to find parts that already exist within the system based on specific attributes or properties within the CAD files. This prevents time consuming and unnecessary redesign projects.
  • Integrated: PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate can integrate directly into your ERP, ALM, and PLM systems, giving users a better understanding of complete context when viewing data.
  • Easy: PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate has an intuitive UI. This combined with endless customization possibilities makes the software easy to use without extensive training.
  • IoT-enabled: compile data from your products that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) to understand how your products are actually being used in the real world.
  • System agnostic: back systems are updated independently of the software, so users will never be interrupted with update notifications.

Make Better Products with PTC Navigate/ThingWorx Navigate

Make better products by providing everyone in your organization with the universal data access they need. Having data organized and up to date helps everyone involved in a project make more informed product decisions and supports working together to produce better products. As product development improves your organization can save a significant amount of time and money. Plus, with product data centralized you can have a clear insight into other ways your organization can optimize products and processes.

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