Standards for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integrations are still emerging, leaving many companies confused about which platforms and systems are best for their environments. Companies may be weighing PTC ThingWorx vs Predix from GE, for example, but may not be sure about exactly how to compare the two. To help companies decide which path to take, we’ve created this comparison of ThingWorx vs Predix.

Organizations must implement interconnected operations to stay competitive – but which IoT software platform is better?

IoT Software Platforms Comparison: Key Features

Integrations and Connections

ThingWorx delivers connectors to other PTC solutions—often the most widely deployed applications in their class. This helps ensure that PTC users can effortlessly connect to their existing solutions without worrying about creating or maintaining complex integration programs. ThingWorx goes even further by providing out-of-the-box connections to many other companies’ products as well as a robust marketplace to further simplify deployment and eliminate risk.

Predix also provides many out-of-the-box integration tools and connectors, but it lacks the breadth of experience and robust marketplace that ThingWorx brings to the table.

ThingWorx can connect to the industry-leading PTC family of solutions in addition to a range of other applications through its numerous available connectors.

Data and Device Management

Both solutions offer connectivity for monitoring and alerts. Predix has an excellent user console that brings visibility to a single screen. The console monitors connectivity and missing or corrupt data and allows incidents to be managed from initial alert to final resolution.

ThingWorx also monitors data quality and provides alerts, but its emphasis is more focused on creating and maintaining applications to manage and orchestrate assets.

ThingWorx and Predix offer the data and device management organizations need – which you prefer depends on what your specific organization wants to focus on.

Industry Expertise

Both ThingWorx and Predix have deep roots in the manufacturing industry. GE has been an industrial powerhouse almost since its inception, and PTC has always focused on manufacturing verticals. The resulting industrial expertise ensures that neither company has a steep learning curve in figuring out how to support manufacturing or aerospace customers.

Predix and ThingWorx parent organizations both have substantial expertise in manufacturing.

Deployment Options and Scalability

ThingWorx offers on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud deployments, so customers can be assured of excellent support and easy deployment no matter which option they choose or where they are on the growth curve. Customers can also change from one deployment option to another as their needs change.

Predix also offers multiple deployment options, with a strong focus on edge computing. However, Predix is a collection of organically developed and acquired technologies that may not always appear seamless to users and developers. GE recognizes the need for more cohesiveness and recently formed a separate IIoT development company that will help solve this concern over the long haul. In the meantime, ThingWorx is further down the path of cohesiveness and may be a better option.

ThingWorx has numerous deployment options and seamless integration among other PTC applications.

Education, Training, and Support

We’ve written before about the dedication PTC ThingWorx has to education, training, and support for industrial users. GE also provides some training, but as yet their offering is nowhere near as comprehensive or focused on the needs of customers and users as PTC’s. When comparing ThingWorx vs Predix, ThingWorx is the clear winner here.

ThingWorx and PTC products had robust training, education, and support for users.

Data Analytics: Advantage Predix

Both solutions offer built-in data analytics, but Predix gets extraordinarily high marks for its offering. Customers tout its flexibility and ease of use, while ThingWorx customers offer faint praise at best.

Predix offers premier analytics options that are extremely flexible for a variety of applications.

Is it ThingWorx vs Predix or Should It Be ThingWorx AND Predix?

Companies often think they should be able to find a single platform that meets all their needs. For a lucky few, that may be true, but in most IIoT cases, manufacturing and aerospace companies may find they need to invest in multiple complementary platforms for complete coverage and top performance. If that’s your situation, consider exploring ThingWorx and Predix. It’s a case where the sum of the parts will exceed your expectations.

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