Click2Cast is the advanced casting simulation solution included in the solidThinking lineup of simulation software. Casting simulation can help engineers optimize parts for the most cost effective manufacturing operations. This helps organizations save time and money by ensuring parts will cast properly before investing in iterations and manufacturing.

Casting simulation early in the design process helps your organization achieve the most cost effective manufacturing operations.

Click2Cast is known for its intuitive UI, so both experts and non-experts can be productive using it. Click2Cast even simplifies the simulation process by including pre-determined 5-step casting templates for:

  • Tilt pouring casting
  • Gravity die casting
  • Gravity sand casting
  • High pressure casting
  • Low pressure casting
  • Investment casting

SolidThinking Simulation Software

In addition to Click2Cast, the solidThinking simulation software lineup includes:

  • Click2Form: for the simulation and analysis of sheet metal formed parts.
  • Click2Extrude: for simulating metal and polymer extrusions.
  • Inspire: for simulating the use of structural load-bearing parts.

Effectively using simulation allows organizations to design parts that work the very first time while reducing costs, development times, and material consumption.

Organizations can reduce production costs, development times, and material consumption by using Click2Cast and other simulation software.

Click2Cast 4.1: New and Improved

The latest version of Click2Cast improved on some existing features, and added some new ones based on customer needs and feedback.

Feature Improvements

  • Sleeve Parameters: Users now have the ability to define more specific sleeve parameters. By being able to select every surface that comes in contact with the sleeve, engineers can get more accurate simulation data including temperature evolution, solidification behavior, and shrinkage porosity predictions.
  • Verify Cores: Users can verify and define a larger range of core specifications for more accurate simulations. The temperature and material of the core can be defined and every surface that comes in contact with the core can be added to the components panel.
  • Simulate Multi-Material Molds: Click2Cast 4.1 makes it much easier to perform simulation analysis on molds that use multiple materials. Users can quickly create a secondary mesh to define the properties and temperature of additional materials. This helps engineers understand the warming and cooling effects that materials can have on specific areas of the mold.
  • Analyze Chillers: Users can define chiller properties for more accurate simulations. Users can select each surface that comes in contact with the chiller in addition to defining specific chiller parameters.
  • Define Gravity Casting Parameters: Engineers have more ways to define parameters in the Gravity casting template. They can specify spoon height, flow times, flow rates, and more.
  • Mold Temperature Definition: Now in just one click, users can create a mold mesh to define specific mold temperatures during casting.

Feature enhancements allow users to define a larger range of parameters for increased accuracy during the casting simulation.

New Features

  • Investment Casting Template: A new investment casting template allows users to define more parameters. Engineers can specify the spoon height, flow time, and flow rate just like the Gravity casting template. Users can also define the shell thickness of the mold without increasing model complexity.
  • Porosity Predictions: In earlier versions of Click2Cast only macro porosity could be predicted, but 4.1 allows users to predict both macro and micro porosity based on NIYAMA criteria. This feature is extremely useful as micro porosity can cause issues that ultimately result in weak and under-performing parts. Once simulation analysis is complete, users can analyze the porosity voids and inspect the inside of the part for further optimization.
  • Materials Library Editor: Added at the request of Click2Cast users, this feature makes it possible to change and add properties to materials in the library. Users can define and specify properties of materials to ensure they are receiving most accurate simulations.
  • Support for Foundry Coatings: Used to protect molds against high casting temperatures, Click2Cast can now take into consideration both conducting and isolating coatings during casting simulation.

Why You Need Click2Cast 4.1

Casting simulation provides your organization with the information it needs to improve and optimize products before investing in manufacturing contracts or using valuable resources.

Improve and optimize parts before investing in production.

It is imperative that organizations meet their rigorous quality, performance, and safety standards while staying on track to complete projects. Late stage casting defects can be catastrophic to meeting these deadlines, costing organizations and exorbitant amount of money. Simulation allows designers to predict common casting issues early in the development process, giving organizations the opportunity to avoid costly iterations. Casting simulation ensures that your parts will cast without errors every time.

Design Better Products with Click2Cast

Click2Cast is the advanced casting simulation solution designers and engineers need to clearly visualize and analyze how easily a cast will form. By having this information available early in the design process, teams can optimize and alter parts accordingly to save time and money.

Users don’t need to waste time in intensive training courses to learn a complicated simulation solution. Instead, Click2Cast provides an intuitive UI, so your employees can focus on designing and optimizing products rather than learning and searching for tools. Create better products while conserving resources when you use Click2Cast for advanced casting simulations.

Use advanced casting simulation from Click2Cast to ensure that your products will cast correctly the first time and every time.

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