FloEFD is a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tool from Mentor Graphics that can be used within PTC Creo.

FloEFD increases design productivity and design quality by making CFD simulations fast and easy. As a result, designers do analyses more often and sooner in the design process than they would otherwise. This, in turn, allows designers to evaluate multiple design options, which results in better optimization and quality.

FloEFD can increase simulation productivity 4X compared to traditional tools.

Why is FloEFD such an Awesome Tool?

Watch this short video to find out what makes FloEFD so useful.

What tasks can FloEFD perform?

  • External & internal flows
  • Steady-state and transient analysis
  • Compressible gases, liquids & incompressible fluids
  • Free, forced, and mixed convection
  • Laminar, turbulent and mixed flows
  • Heat transfer in fluid, solid & porous media
  • Relative humidity effects
  • Supersonic and Hypersonic flows
  • Rotating surfaces and/or parts
  • Cavitation in incompressible water flows

FloEFD is totally embedded in Creo

Being embedded in Creo means:

  1. There is no export/import step from Creo into another tool.
    This has the advantage of maintaining the correct geometry definition sometimes gets lost when using neutral files such as STEP, SAT or Parasolid.
  2. Geometry can be prepared for analysis much faster.
    Removing unnecessary features, suppressing parts and getting the geometry in a state where is ready to perform an analysis is simple in CREO compared to trying to do the same tasks in a stand-alone simulation program.
  3. Parametric variants can be easily investigated.
    Taking advantage of Creo family tables allows FloEFD projects to be cloned for a quick turnaround of variants. Project settings are maintained and the batch-run feature can sequentially solve all variants. Design changes can then be quantified for an optimized product.

Who can benefit from FloEFD?

Both CFD experts and regular designers who want fast, efficient, accurate simulations without the overhead of having to learn a complex tool. FloEFD is easy to use and does not require a lot of the traditional time-intensive steps (such as manual meshing) which used to make CFD such a pain in the butt to actually use.

Do more simulations earlier in the process, make less physical prototypes, and get more done faster with FloEFD.

Try FloEFD for Creo for free or call us at 408-986-0200 for pricing, training, or free advice on how FloEFD stacks up against other simulation software packages.