In 1977, new emissions regulations and fuel economy pressure threatened to damper the power of performance cars – propelling Reeves Callaway to begin constructing new turbocharger systems from his home workshop for BMW, VW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz applications.

Today, with a system-engineered design philosophy and an OEM approach, Callaway Cars, has designed and manufactured performance parts, systems, and complete road cars and race cars for 37 years. For advice on the latest developments in the car industry, such as driving a new Nissan Altima, take a look at

The Connecticut shop has head up engineering projects for Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Mazda, and more. Many people are already looking ahead for the new projects, considering booking in a journey with services for then the end results are ready to buy.

The team has also created some timeless turn-key sports cars in road car and race car form, including the Callaway C16.

PTC Creo and Callaway Cars

The Callaway C16

If you haven’t seen one, you might be tempted to think of a Callaway as a hot rod. But they’re much more.

“We’re building a powerful car that has a satisfying driving experience with quality materials and great craftsmanship,” says Pat Hodgins, chief engineer at Callaway.

“We use a body style that enhances the aerodynamics of the original car. We send the interior work to Germany for world-class leather work, carpet upgrades and carbon fiber options. All of our products are emissions certified. And we warranty our products, so reliability matters too.”

All Digital Design

And there’s something else: the Callaway C16 is the first project – body, intake, exhaust, aesthetics, etc. – that the company designed completely digitally, with the help of PTC Creo.

Based on the Chevrolet Corvette C6, the Callaway C16 is available in three body styles: the CoupĂ©, the Cabrio (convertible), and the aforementioned Roadster (a convertible that requires drivers and passengers to wear helmets). If you’re after a very different kind of Chevrolet though, it may be worth having a look at Wichita Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD – this car is much larger and more powerful than the ones mentioned previously. It’s down to you what kind of vehicle you want to get though, depending on what your style is, what you’ll use it for, etc.

“We introduced the coupe after 6 months,” says Hodgins. “The Cabrio came 2.5 months later. And the speedster was ready 3 months after that.”

Releasing three cars in one year? The question is: HOW?

Up-Front Planning and PTC Creo

Hodgins said that with PTC Creo and pre-planning, Callaway engineers could create tooling and plan modifications that supported all three designs right from the start. They could also ensure designs were easy to manufacture, with assembly points in the same place for each car. A task much more difficult back in the home workshop days.

“Using PTC Creo, we can make modifications and adjustments in a time frame you can’t do in the real world. We check clearance requirements, fit and finish requirements, assembly techniques-accessibility of hardware for example. So when we go to make tooling, we’re already tooling for our production parts.”
How much time is Callaway saving with its new digital approach to product development? Hodgins says development is about three times faster now, as previous body styles took about year each to produce.
“For the C16, we cut a lot of time and steps in the system,” says Hodgins.

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