PTC doesn’t allow discounts very often, but for a limited time, NxRev is offering all of our customers an additional free upgrade package when they choose to upgrade their existing (or new) Creo package.

The packages are somewhat complex but we’ve highlighted the big upgrades for each.

Here are the packages:

What’s the discount on Creo?

The free upgrade from Creo Essentials to Creo Essentials Plus means anyone who upgrades to flexible modeling (an essential upgrade in our opinion) also gets product data management for free – an effective discount of $1,000 per seat.

Customers who need Simulation and/or Piping and Cabling Design really need to jump on this offer because they’re looking at saving $2,900 per seat. That’s a huge discount on Creo Essentials Premium—a product that is so premium it essentially never goes on sale. Bad wordplay … but a great discount.

Creo Essentials to Creo Essentials Plus

This free upgrade is especially beneficial to our small- and medium-sized customers – many of whom can really benefit from both Flexible Modeling and Product Data Management.

What is Flexible Modeling?

Flexible modeling comes with Creo Essentials and enables designers to easily and quickly edit 3D CAD data using a direct modeling approach without losing any of the traditional power inherent in Creo and Pro/E.

Direct modeling is easily the greatest single innovation in the 3D Design space in the past five years. It takes awhile to get used to it, but our customers who have adopted direct modeling would never go back. The speed and power it offers is incredible. It’s truly an essential upgrade for Creo.

Introductory video on Flexible Modeling

You want flexible modeling, right? You should. Everyone should. So here’s the discount: if you upgrade to Creo Essentials (which we think literally everyone should), you also get Product Data Management for free.

What is Product Data Management?

Product Data Management comes with Creo Essentials Plus; it tracks and controls:

  • check-in and check-out of the product data to multiple users
  • engineering change management and release control on all versions/issues of components in a product
  • bill of materials (BOM) for assemblies
  • configuration management of product variants.

Product data management is extremely useful for complex assemblies and when multiple designers are involved. If flexible modeling is an essential component for every designer, product data management should be considered essential for every small- and medium-sized team.

Introductory video on Product Data Management

PTC offers two options for product data management in Essential Plus: Windchill PDM Essentials or Windchill PDM Link.

What is Simulate?

PTC Creo Simulate is included with PTC Creo Essentials Premium and is a structural, thermal and vibration analysis solution. It contains a comprehensive set of finite elements analysis (FEA) capabilities that allow you to study how your 3D virtual prototypes will perform before you make the first physical part.

Conduct a full range of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) analyses, including linear static, modal, buckling, contact and steady state thermal.

Simulate eliminates the need for many physical prototypes and speeds your time to market while increasing product durability, reliability and safety.

Simulate Introductory video

Why would I want the Piping and Cabling Extension?

To automate routing system design, of course!

PTC’s Piping and Cabling Extension provides support across all industries and types of piping and cabling systems.

Anyone involved in piping or cabling needs this extension since the amount of time it saves is simply invaluable: it streamlines and accelerates all aspects of product development. Whether your product designs feature complex cabling or harnessing systems, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, high and low pressure tubing, copper work or large bore pipes, the piping and cabling extension helps minimize errors and improve efficiency.

Piping and Cabling Extension Video

Piping and Cabling is included with PTC Creo Essentials Premium.

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