For decades, “Sanyo” was stamped on radios, TVs, washing machines, televisions, and any number of electronic appliances throughout the world. When Panasonic bought Sanyo in 2010, the company’s familiar red name began slowly disappearing from store shelves.

One of the exceptions to the rule was Taiwan Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Based in Taipei, the company primarily manufactures household electrical appliances, as well as wireless products.

Instead of being absorbed into Panasonic’s brand, the Taiwan unit bought its independence and the rights to the Sanyo brand for several years. This allows Taiwan Sanyo to continue as the Sanyo brand is slowly phased out of existence. Panasonic will change the brand’s name to Sanlux by 2018.

By separating from their parent company, Taiwan Sanyo faced enormous pressure to ensure it functioned efficiently and turned a profit. These pressures caused them to reevaluate their design and manufacturing processes recently, with the goal of fostering an advantage over the competitors in their space. Their business model now relies on producing innovative concept designs efficiently.

PTC Creo was the answer to their needs. By upgrading from Pro/ENGINEER to PTC Creo Parametric, Taiwan Sanyo’s engineering team gained access to even more tools and functionality, like Freestyle modeling and the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX).

PTC Creo Parametric allows engineers to create 3D models of any part or assembly quickly and easily. On top of the typical features one expects from a 3D CAD system, PTC Creo Parametric also offers freestyle modeling capabilities engineers and designers can use to create complex surfaces.

PTC Creo Parametric has improved on Pro/ENGINEER in a large part thanks to its compilation of different applications that work together. One app does simulations, and another does technical illustrations. One of its most innovative extensions brings direct modeling features to parametric modeling. Instead of offering both alternatives (parametric vs. direct modeling), PTC Creo offers a system where direct modeling complements parametric modeling.

This allows their team to use the more flexible PTC Creo FMX for concept design and late-stage changes, and switch to parametric modeling for more detailed design.

According to Micahel Lee, Taiwan Sanyo’s CIO, PTC Creo reduced their design time by almost 30%. They also saw:

  • Improved efficiency in product development, allowing their designers to take more time to engineer products well
  • IImproved quality of their products
  • IReduced time to production.
  • IIncreased design agility, enabling last stage changes to be efficiently integrated and recorded in parametric model.

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