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PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) allows engineers to iterate on 3D CAD models without sacrificing original design intent. The extension uses “checkpoints,” which remove the need for versioning and lets designers move seamlessly between design branches.

The tool focuses on three primary capabilities:

  • Ideation: rapidly explore design concepts and ideas
  • Evaluation: compare and evaluate design alternatives to find the best solution
  • Defining and incorporating changes: easily comprehend the potential consequences of design changes and incorporate new ideas into the final design

There are two common scenarios in which these capabilities are needed:

Scenario 1: A designer pulls a file outside of project data management (PDM) and creates several different versions with the same name, which are stored in separate folders. Creating these different versions can be problematic when the designer tries to put the file back into PDM, since these different versions create conflicts that must be reconciled.

Scenario 2: A designer pulls a file outside of PDM and creates several different versions with different names. When the designer decides on a final design, the Assemblies and Drawing files may no longer reference the correct file name. Designers would need to use advanced strategies to ensure the parent files reference the proper file.

Both are shortcuts designers take when struggling to try several ways to accomplish a tricky assembly or part geometry. Issues arise in these scenarios because typical 3D CAD software makes it difficult to manage a file while trying out different potential concept. The longer it takes to design a concept, the more a designer needs to save their work on each iteration until they find the right solution.

PTC Creo DEX stores these iterations in the same file, and allows users to switch between them at any time. Any changes are made using PTC Creo, meaning that designers never need to rename, copy, or find another improvised solution.

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