Want to explore and evaluate new design ideas with existing designs in a safe, ad hoc, trial-and-error environment? Try the PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX).

With PTC Creo DEX, you can evaluate design alternatives quickly and effectively. This will help reduce your workflow from weeks to days.

No more risking disaster to explore a new design path, or needing to recreate models from scratch. Instead, you can quickly return to an earlier saved “checkpoint.”

DEX’s features and benefits let you:

  • Explore design changes without losing original designs or committing to changes
  • Develop different ideas simultaneously and evaluate all your options before making decisions
  • Eliminate manual data duplication and tedious session cleanup for loading and reloading different versions
  • Browse exploration checkpoints in a “decision tree” for interactive design review
  • Effortlessly switch between design ideas

All current NxRev customers are being offered a limited-time promotion: 20% off PTC DEX before March 24th.

Sign up today to get DEX at this special discounted rate!

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