According to a recent PTC study, companies use an average of 2.7 CAD systems on a regular basis. And beyond that, you have to worry about customers, your supply chain, and legacy CAD systems that hold old designs. And odds are, everyone is using a different CAD system. This all means CAD data needs to be recreated, leading to translation problems and easy loss of original design intent.

Through PTC Creo and its subsidiary products, PTC enables designers and other users to overcome these compatibility issues. PTC Creo Parametric allows users to import any 3D CAD model and edit its geometry directly.

Check out the videos below to see how engineers and design teams used PTC Creo to handle their compatibility needs:

Flexible Modeling in PTC Creo
Explore how this new technology can improve design collaboration and solve your multi-CAD challenges.

The PTC Solution for 3D Parametric Modeling
More about PTC Creo Parametric, PTC’s award-winning product design solution.

Repurposing Multi-CAD Data
A short video demonstration shows how you can simply open and edit CAD data from other systems.

Flexible Changes with the Power of Parametric
A detailed 60-minute webcast describes how PTC Creo FMX helps you change any design, preserve original design intent to PTC Creo Parametric designs, and import and modify data from other CAD systems.

PTC Creo Customers Improve Design Collaboration
Read how PTC Creo customers are collaborating more efficiently with companies using other CAD systems.

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