According to DARPA, “Product definition during the first 15% of its lifecycle determines 85% of all downstream lifecycle costs.” In other words, the initial steps you take to design a product significantly influence how much time you spend designing it – and how well it performs on the market.

Increasingly complex software within products is making product design more difficult, which in turn makes it harder to predict system behavior and to select the right design option for your product needs. Companies need to innovate and deliver distinctive product features while successfully managing cross-disciplinary and complex products.

To accomplish all this, companies need a product design tool that can handle the demands of today’s marketplace. An ideal 3D CAD solution can help improve:

  • Product performance
  • Design commonality and reuse
  • Field serviceability

The PTC design suite allows designers and engineers to create and manage necessary system architecture and interfaces. Its strong process management and workflow capabilities let you consolidate knowledge and information across your team. This fosters greater collaboration and a higher functioning design process, yielding high-functioning products that can meet or surpass modern design expectations.

Watch the video below to learn more about how PTC’s design suite lets users easily view and edit complex electrical hardware and software in your designs:

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