In our last post, we outlined ten of the top reasons why you should upgrade from Pro/ENGINEER to Creo Parametric. For those of you interested in the details, we went into more depth about these benefits this week:

  1. Increase design productivity by up to 200% ­– Gain more than 100 new capabilities while keeping all your favorite Pro/ENGINEER capabilities to avoid disrupting work in progress.
  2. Accommodate late stage changes with automatic propagation – Use the Flexible Model Extension (FMX) to easily select and edit a range of geometry and features, including rounds and patterns, directly on a model.
  3. Switch between direct and parametric modeling – Use FMX to switch between parametric and direct modeling functionalities to leverage faster, easier assembly design capabilities.
  4. An industry-leading user experience ­– A UI experience similar to Microsoft’s ribbon UI, new features like the 3D Dragger and Command Finder, updated help resources, and consistent, streamlined workflows that simplify common tasks.
  5. Create 3D models from 2D concepts quickly and easily– Use Creo Sketch to create freehand 2D sketches, then use them in Creo Parametric for an accelerated design process.
  6. Rapid part modeling – New options for creating parallel and rotational blends, like sketched sections, nonparallel sections, and changing start points, allow you to model more productively.
  7. Complete concept design freedom – Use Freestyle to quickly create high-quality freeform shapes and surfaces and reuse its data for detailed 3D design.
  8. Upleveled sketching productivity – Sketch directly on model faces and reference 3D objects using numerous core sketching enhancements like enhanced preview, streamlined editing, and auto-generation updates.
  9. Fast dynamic sectioning, interference detection, and resolution – Create 3D sections easier, reference existing model geometry, interactively rotate and translate sections, and directly access 3D sections through the model tree.
  10. Industry-leading large assembly design – Use Track Changes’ quick search capabilities, Creo View’s MCAD™’s new Lightweight Graphics Representations, and the new 3D Dragger for a faster, smarter approach to loading and exploring data.

Upgrade to PTC Creo Parametric today and experience the difference for yourself.

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For more information about PTC Creo Parametric, visit PTC’s product page.