CAD CFD: What It Is and Why You Need It

Computer-aided design (CAD) computational fluid dynamics (CFD), also known as CAD CFD, provides product designers with insights to streamline product development through simulation. CAD CFD is required for every product engineer’s toolbox. By picking the right solution, you’ll have access to advanced features that optimize the iterating and prototyping processes. So, here’s everything you […]

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Digital Transformation Trends 2023: What to Expect in the New Year

Innovation in digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down. As organizations constantly look for new ways to optimize operations, teams are leaning toward digital transformation solutions more than ever. 2023 is sure to be a year of continued evolution and advancement. So, where will the digital transformation trends take us in 2023?

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What Is Finite Element Analysis (FEA)? FEA Definition, FEA Benefits, and FEA Use Cases

Finite element analysis (FEA) covers a variety of simulation and modeling techniques and can significantly improve product development by streamlining testing and design. Using FEA to test and optimize throughout the design process ultimately helps your team create better products faster. But the question remains: What is finite element analysis? […]

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CAD vs CAE: Creo CAD or Creo CAE?

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions are both essential to increase productivity and efficiency in the product development process. Both use computer software to streamline engineering work—but the question remains: Which is the right solution for you when it comes to CAD vs CAE? […]

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Computer-Aided Engineering Software: What It Is and Why You Need It

Engineering organizations looking to stay competitive must constantly find ways to increase productivity while cutting costs. Computer-aided engineering software makes this all possible, with tools designed to help teams create better products faster thanks to the power of computer-aided design and simulation. […]

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Creo: The Best Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software

PTC Creo is known as a leader in computer-aided design (CAD). What most people don’t know is that Creo includes numerous tools and features that make it the best computer-aided manufacturing software as well. Although CAD and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are slightly different, they hinge on the same principles. Both use computer software to […]

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Generative Design 101, Part 3: Creo Generative Design Extensions

This is part 3 of a three-part series all about generative design. Part 1 is our comprehensive generative design definition. Then, part 2 covers the benefits of generative design. Finally, this post explains why you should implement an advanced CAD solution, like Creo, to integrate generative design into your organization. […]

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