This is part 4 of a 4-part series on ISO 26262. Part 1 provides an overview of ISO 26262; part 2 reviews the functional safety life cycles; part 3 examines the latest trends driving ISO 26262; and this final part explains how you can easily meet compliance standards when you have the right tools.

Modern automotive OEMs and suppliers can no longer rely on legacy tools to keep up with the growing complexity of software and hardware requirements in automotive products. Teams must be equipped with a platform that supports functional safety analysis, management, and documentation throughout product development lifecycles. Codebeamer ALM is the solution advanced teams need. Built with integrated architecture, collaboration solutions, and pre-built compliance templates, Codebeamer has the tools required to keep up with market demands and ISO 26262 software compliance requirements.

Codebeamer ALM for ISO 26262 Software Compliance

What is Codebeamer ALM?

Codebeamer is an application lifecycle management platform for product and software development. It goes beyond traditional ALM solutions with product line capabilities and customizable configurability for complex development processes, including digital workflows optimized for efficiency and collaboration across teams.

In addition to standard ALM features, Codebeamer includes special tools specifically designed to support automotive OEMs and suppliers, making it the ideal solution for ISO 26262 software compliance.

What are the benefits of using Codebeamer ALM?

Codebeamer ALM is a complete software lifecycle management solution that includes all the requirements, risk, and test management capabilities needed to support today’s software developers:

  • Requirements management for engineers who need traceability and transparency along with efficient collaboration
  • Software risk management that is integrated into the development lifecycle, ensuring safety and reliability
  • Test management designed for quality teams looking to increase quality while reducing costs
  • Product variability management for teams looking to increase efficiency across product engineering by reducing reworks, shortening release cycles, and reducing product verification costs
  • DevOps tools that streamline product delivery through integrations and data sharing

Codebeamer ALM has everything teams need to manage the risk and compliance requirements that automotive OEMs and suppliers must meet in today’s market.

How does Codebeamer support ISO 26262 Software Compliance?

Codebeamer ALM has built-in templates created specifically for automotive product development and functional safety compliance, including ISO 26262 and ASPICE. The templates are preconfigured to help automotive OEMs and suppliers develop automotive hardware and software systems and simplify adherence to compliance requirements. It includes the following pre-built templates:

  • Design for functionally safe systems and products
  • Bidirectional traceability for hazard analysis
  • Integration to safety analysis reports
  • System, hardware, and software verification and validation (V&V) management
  • Change management

Ready to Get Started?

Codebeamer ALM and its ISO 26262 software compliance templates have everything you need to get up and running quickly. The templates come with pre-defined artifacts, workflows, and baked-in domain knowledge right out of the box or can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs. Teams can implement solutions quickly and hit the ground running to start building the automotive products of tomorrow.

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