How are you currently handling frontline worker training? If you’re still flying experts across the country and scheduling machine downtime to complete hands-on training – you’re doing it wrong.

The advancement of digital work instruction software makes it easy for organizations to implement virtual reality in manufacturing and improve the overall training experience. Using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) it’s easy to significantly increase efficiency in your training processes. Solutions like Vuforia make creating these experiences simple – here’s why you should implement this digital work instruction software.

A New Era for Digital Work Instructions

Paper instructions and large 3-ring binder manuals are a thing of the past. If you’re still relying on these sources for training and repairs, it’s time to upgrade and get on track with the digital transformation trends of 2021.

The next obvious step is to move from paper to digital. Right off the bat going digital provides a few benefits:

  • More convenient: Your frontline workers don’t need to lug around large and quickly outdated instruction manuals. Digital work instructions make it easy for users to access exactly what they need right when they need it from any device.
  • Searchable instructions: Search features built into digital instructions make it much easier to find what’s needed. Workers can search any of the text to find specific instructions, diagrams, part numbers, and more.
  • Added audio and video features: Moving from paper to digital allows better tutorial information to be added to instructions. Tricky steps can be accompanied by video and audio instructions.
  • New tasks are easier: Audio and video features make it much easier for technicians to finish tasks correctly the first time, and these clear guides streamline the entire process, so they are more likely to remember how to do it next time.

These are all great, but it is time to take your digital work instructions to the next level. If you want to eliminate errors and better capitalize on your experts’ decades of existing knowledge you should implement VR and AR.

Why Use Virtual Reality in Manufacturing for Work Instructions?

Implementing virtual reality in manufacturing training takes those digitization benefits to the next level. By providing immersive training and tutorial experiences, your team gets better training that increases customer satisfaction.

The best training includes a mix of digital work instructions, for classroom knowledge, and AR/VR experiences, for more actionable, hands-on instruction.


The benefits of digital work instructions are multiplied when you add AR and VR.

  • Prevent costly errors: Users that interact in the hybrid world are more likely to remember the steps of their process, resulting in better retention, fewer mistakes, and ultimately a safer environment for everyone.
  • Transform tutorials: Upgrade your video and audio add-ons with immersive experiences that allow workers to move through tutorials in real-time using voice commands and space-free gestures.
  • Optimize expert time: Use your experts to record complex processes that can then be leveraged and distributed for training and maintenance tasks over and over.
  • Preserve institutional knowledge: Those expert recordings help preserve years of institutional knowledge. Plus, the incoming workforce craves more interactive training experiences. You’ll be able to fill skill gaps faster with better training, that helps them perform better, and ultimately makes them want to stay at your company longer – further preserving and advancing that knowledge base.

Use Vuforia for Your Digital Work Instructions Software

If you’re looking to implement VR in your manufacturing operations but don’t know how to get started – look no further than Vuforia digital work instruction software. This established platform has been widely adopted across the industrial manufacturing industry. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to get up and running quickly – most users can learn the program and start creating new instructional programs in a matter of hours.

The Vuforia suite makes it easy to capture expert knowledge, create digital experiences, and ultimately implement virtual reality in your manufacturing operations.

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A Suite of Tools to Support Virtual Reality in Manufacturing

Vuforia is a suite of tools that makes it easy to create AR and VR experiences:

  • Vuforia Expert Capture: Capture expert knowledge to create your AR/VR digital work instructions.
  • Vuforia Chalk: Get real-time assistance from experts remotely using collaboration tools to digital markup your environment to address extra complicated problems or complete training.
  • Vuforia Studio: Leverage your existing CAD and IoT data to create 3D visualizations that can be used to address problems on the factory floor or present products to customers.

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Get Started with Vuforia

Implementing virtual reality in manufacturing is a sure way to give your organization the competitive edge it needs. Using Vuforia to create an immersive experience provides numerous benefits and ultimately saves time and money so you can continue to optimize operations and grow your business.

Want to learn more about how you can implement AR and VR in your manufacturing operations? Just contact us.