Most manufacturing and industrial companies are looking for ways to incorporate augmented reality (AR) into their processes and drive their digital transformations. AR helps improve operations by:

  • Eliminating the need to consult thick user or repair manuals
  • Reducing the costs of training by enabling more effective teaching methods
  • Speeding up time to market by optimizing the prototyping process

Choosing the Right Augmented Reality Development App

Those are just a few of AR’s many benefits, so why hasn’t everyone adopted AR already? The answer is because many companies are unsure of the best way to evaluate AR tools. That’s why we’re comparing two of the leading augmented reality development apps, Vuforia vs ARCore, to help you decide.

Vuforia vs ARCore: Features and Benefits

Industry Expertise

PTC has been in business since 1985, and it has been a powerhouse in manufacturing and industrial environments for all of that time. Vuforia benefits from its parents’ expertise and the built-in integration with PTC’s other industrial-focused products.

Google, ARCore’s parent, is first and foremost a technology company, with no specific expertise in any industry outside of that core. Just the fact that ARCore apps are distributed through the Google Play store should be a warning that the product is not ready to hold its own against PTC and Vuforia’s manufacturing industry expertise.

It’s important to realize that when comparing Vuforia vs ARCore they were built with very different goals – which solution is better for you will be based on your core industry.

Developer Tools

ARCore has extensive developer guides online, including separate manuals for iOS, Android, Unity, and Unreal. The tools are separate and distinct, with differing capabilities and release schedules. Be careful during the evaluation process to ensure that the promised functionality exists on your chosen platform.

Vuforia also has extensive online developer downloads and guides, and it supports the same platforms as ARCore – plus Lumin and Windows. Apps can be deployed across multiple platforms and device types using the same license key, simplifying your process. And given the success of Microsoft Surface devices in industrial environments, the inclusion of Windows is a critical differentiator.

Vuforia includes a wider variety of deployment platforms, including Windows, making it the better solution for industrial organizations.

Built-in Analytics

Vuforia includes tools that collect and analyze data from connected devices, a critical requirement for industrial applications. The solutions can handle large volumes of data that can help you:

  • Measure workforce productivity
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase field service satisfaction rates.

Google, ARCore’s parent, collects and analyzes usage data, but they use it for their own purposes. ARCore doesn’t enable the application developer to capture and analyze data. This means that manufacturing companies moving to Industry 4.0 and digital transformation would need additional tools to capture, store, and analyze data.

Vuforia’s advanced analytics are built to help customers improve operations, while ARCore’s main focus is providing user data to Google.


ARCore apps are distributed through the Google Play Store, and the security checks include compliance with the Play Store’s privacy requirements. These requirements include two statements:

  1. This application runs on Google Play Services for AR(ARCore), which is provided by Google LLC and governed by the Google Privacy Policy.
  2. To power this session, Google will process visual data from your camera. This statement also requires a link to a Google “learn more” page.

The Store also checks that the device and environment are compatible with ARCore. ARCore tends to assume the AR experience will be used with a consumer-grade app running on a personal device.

Vuforia, on the other hand, includes advanced capabilities to enable secure collaboration with teams, customers, and partners. Whether using “over the shoulder” field support to improve first-time fix rates or troubleshooting an unusual problem using Chalk Marks on schematics or actual equipment, Vuforia has the chops for industrial applications, while ARCore’s security is poor, at best.

Vuforia is built with advanced tools that ensure security even when collaboration across global teams, customers, and partners.

APIs, Integration, and Connectivity

Vuforia is designed to support the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) so it connects easily to all types of devices. It collects data from machinery and equipment, automates business processes, and empowers workers by delivering actionable data across a range of media and devices. The Vuforia suite includes pre-built, industrial-grade applications that you can deploy as they are or modify for your unique needs. Vuforia connects devices and IT/OT systems seamlessly and securely from edge to cloud for a comprehensive suite of industrial tools.

ARCore includes the ability to add Cloud Anchors to apps. This allows users to embed virtual objects into AR scenes so multiple users can view and interact with the objects at the same time. However, Cloud Anchor visual data is discarded automatically after twenty-four hours, making them impractical for industrial applications. Generally speaking, ARCore doesn’t talk about IoT in a way that would indicate they have expertise in this area – a serious deal-breaker for industrial organizations.

Vuforia has tools to seamlessly connect devices and provide actionable insights for industrial organizations looking to optimize operations.

Vuforia vs ARCore: Which is the Better Augmented Reality Development App?

It may be a little unfair to compare Vuforia vs ARCore because there really is no comparison. While both tools are AR powerhouses, ARCore’s focus is gaming. You only need to look at its website—populated with cartoon characters, blue hippos, smiling bears, and other cuddly animals to know they aren’t even playing in the same arena as Vuforia.

If your company is in the manufacturing or industrial segments, Vuforia is the best choice in the Vuforia vs ARCore augmented reality development app competition. To learn more about how Vuforia can help your company reap the benefits of AR, contact us today.