What company doesn’t want to improve field service quality, reduce overtime spend, create better documentation quickly, reduce waste, spoilage, and rework, sell faster and onboard new employees with less downtime? What if we told you it was possible to do it all with a single software solution? It sounds impossible, but it’s available with Vuforia Chalk—the first practical AR technology for manufacturing and industrial companies. Here’s how Vuforia Chalk supports these industrial augmented reality benefits:

Faster, Less Costly Training

Training factory floor employees is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive at best, but Vuforia Chalk makes it faster and easier. By converting traditional training programs into AR experiences, trainees can follow along with instructors on virtual machines, eliminating the usual expensive slowdowns. And because virtual training can now be done in a classroom away from the noise and hubbub of the factory floor, instructors are more effective, and students learn more quickly.

A recent Forrester survey reported a 50% reduction in employee training time when using industrial augmented reality – even on complex tasks.

Reduced Selling Costs

Instead of having to set up expensive trade shows booths or scheduled on-site visits, companies using Vuforia Chalk can visually overlay their equipment at any job site so customers can see it in place without the hassle and expenses associated with transportation and assembly that are required with traditional demonstrations. Through advanced industrial augmented reality capabilities, customers gain a deep understanding of the product’s operation, resulting in a faster, less wasteful sales process, and happier customers.

Less Spoilage and Waste

Improving employee training reduces costs and is more effective. Industrial augmented reality training with Vuforia Chalk results in less waste, rework, and scrap. This reduces costs, improves quality, and helps ensure on-time deliveries with increased quality and stabilized throughput.

Using AR overlays during production activities helps ensure that employees follow the approved methods and don’t skip important steps that improve quality and safety. The tools in Vuforia Chalk make it possible to ensure continuous high-quality production by reducing mistakes throughout the employee’s tenure with the organization.

Industrial augmented reality helps to not only reduce the costs associated with training but also provide more effective training.

Enhanced Field Service Productivity

Using Vuforia Chalk to remotely assist field service technicians means your team can complete more service calls in a single visit—one of the key predictors of customer satisfaction with a company’s field service. Techs don’t need to carry heavy product manuals with them, and you don’t waste time keeping manuals up to date with service bulletins or margin notes. Instead, the tech can call up the repair process as an AR overlay on the customer’s equipment, and the AR process walks them through the procedure every step of the way. This fixes more problems on a first visit and helps techs complete those visits faster. In addition, you can send even less experienced technicians out on many jobs, since Vuforia Chalk’s AR incorporates the combined knowledge of your best technicians.

Better Technical and Process Documentation

Vuforia Chalk’s Expert Capture capability enables employees to document their work while they work—no added steps or clunky screen captures required. This helps to create an accessible and easy to understand process and technical documentation. Vuforia Chalk’s streamlined process to create documentation means employees no longer drag their feet on creating or updating procedures or documenting new features or changes.

Technical writers don’t have to chase down employees to help them understand the process or the steps—they can see it in the AR Expert Capture. Forrester Research showed in their white paper that using Vuforia Chalk reduced the average time to create a document by 60%. The resulting documentation is timely and accurate, helping ensure that you always have the latest and best documentation available for certification audits or customer use.

According to a Forrester survey, using Vuforia chalk reduced the average time it takes to create technical documentation by 60%.

Faster, More Cost-Effective Preventive Maintenance

Manufacturing and industrial companies rely on the continued performance of their equipment to meet schedules and stay within cost targets. So, when equipment breaks down unexpectedly or operates inefficiently, it can significantly impact operations. Using Vuforia Chalk to document proper maintenance procedures helps your in-house maintenance team to follow the right procedures without missing or forgetting any steps. As a result, your equipment will run better with less unplanned downtime. Operations will run more smoothly, and customers will be able to count on the promised delivery dates you provide without the threat of unexpected delays due to poorly maintained equipment.

Vuforia Chalk—A Key Part of Your Industry 4.0 Journey

Savvy companies are well down the road on their digital transformation journeys and adding industrial augmented reality capabilities with Vuforia Chalk. Using this advanced technology is helping them streamline their digital transformation path and provide quick wins and early payback on investments.

Now is a great time to buy—PTC is offering Vuforia Chalk free through at least June 30 to help out during the Coronavirus crisis.

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