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The newest release of Creo has arrived. Creo 7 includes significant productivity and UI enhancements to support organizations in creating the products of tomorrow. Creo 7 helps your teams improve product strategy by making your job easier and getting to market faster. This release includes new and improved capabilities for generative design, simulation-driven design, multi-body design, additive manufacturing, and more.

The enhancements in Creo 7 help organizations design manufacturable, high-quality products at a lower cost.

New and Improved Capabilities in Creo 7

Generative Design

Creo 7 includes two new tools to support generative design: generative topology optimization and generative design extension. The generative topology optimization (GTO) tool allows users to fully optimize their design based on specific requirements and constraints, which can be modified down to the material and manufacturing procedures used. This makes it possible to explore more design options quickly to reduce development time and expenses.

Creo 7’s generative design extension (GDX) uses a cloud environment to run multiple optimization studies at the same time. This provides designers with the information they need to evaluate and compare more design concepts and bring them back into Creo for final modifications. Together, these tools help organizations decrease development times, while also reducing costs and ultimately getting products to market faster.

Improve products with the ability to fully optimize designs based on comprehensive analysis comparisons.

Simulation-Driven Design

Using simulation in your design process helps to analyze and validate product performance before investing in prototypes or production. Creo 7 includes two new simulation tools to enhance your simulation capabilities. Creo ANSYS Simulation offers higher fidelity validation for structural, modal, and thermal analysis. Creo 7 also includes Creo Simulate Live, which provides instantaneous real-time fluid flow simulation results, as well as:

  • Component isolations
  • Transient thermal studies
  • Plotting/graphing
  • Parameter studies

Additive Manufacturing and CAM

Creo has included additive manufacturing design tools for many releases. Creo 7 takes these features to the next level with overall enhancements to the existing tools, as well as two new ones. First, Creo 7 now has increased support for stochastic lattices, so users can identify and follow the edges of prismatic shapes. Second, Creo 7 includes new support for Swiss turning machines that can be automatically turned on instead of requiring custom commands.

Multi-Body Design

The multi-body design features in Creo 7 help to increase design effectiveness when creating complex geometries. They allow users to work freely with disjointed and overlapping components on a single part. Creo 7 features advanced design tools, as well as detailing capabilities for a range of applications. It helps improve all types of design, including generative design, additive manufacturing, and multi-material overmolds for injection molded parts.

Click here to download the Creo 7.0 Datasheet

Enhanced Capabilities in Creo 7

In addition to the new features added to Creo 7, it also includes numerous advancements to the tools you already know and love.

Augmented Reality (AR):

  • Publish combined states
  • Switch between different states on the model in view
  • Can instantly publish to Vuforia View

Core Modeling:

  • Import data doctor
  • Display filters for geometry representations
  • Improved draft features
  • Improved snapping performance
  • New visibility for datum entities and features
  • Default absolute accuracy

EZ Tolerance Analysis Extension: Previously known as Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension (TAE)

  • 1-D tolerance stack-up analysis powered by Sigmetrix
  • Define analysis directly within the design
  • Define multiple stack-up analyses on a single model
  • Evaluate the impact of GD&T stack-ups using common statistical and quality metrics

Flow Analysis: powered by SIMERICS

  • Wizard workflows
  • Leak tracking for fluid domain extraction
  • Creo simulate integration

Freestyle Design:

  • Align draft connections

Render Studio Extension:

  • New “pause” and “resume” capabilities during rendering
  • Manikin Vision window features
  • Render motion sequences for mechanism and design animation
  • New floor plane options

Sheet Metal Design:

  • Improved creation of forms


  • Updated design intent visualization
  • Improved mirror tool
  • Set appearance constraints in “edit dimension”

Subtractive Manufacturing:

  • View synchronized tool paths in the graphics area
  • Multiple GO_HOME positions


  • Updated Chrome and Java versions
  • Improved security controls

Unite Technology:

  • Support for multi-body parts
  • Improvements to import data doctor

Weld Design:

  • Solid welds improvements

Design the Products of the Future with Creo 7

Creo 7 provides a single comprehensive design environment with the tools and features your organization needs to increase productivity and get products to market faster, while saving time and money. Use these breakthrough innovations to stay ahead of your competitors and design the products of tomorrow.

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