Product lifecycle management (PLM) centralizes product information so teams can improve collaboration and make accurate product decisions throughout the development process. Windchill 11 is the innovative solution from PTC that helps designers and engineers create smart and connected products. It provides a single source of product information to everyone throughout your enterprise so you can create high-quality products faster.

Create innovate products more efficiently with Windchill PLM.

Windchill 11 PLM helps enterprises by….

Connecting Operational Data

Connecting operational data increases product quality by giving users access to the data they need right when they need it. This data supports informed decision-making with features like:

  • Requirements tracing: easily manage and define connections between product designs and system requirements.
  • IoT tools: sensors gather data about how your products are performing and being used in the real world. Analyzing this data helps organizations understand what current and future improvements need to be made to their products.
  • Performance advisor: take a proactive approach in improving the features and capabilities in Windchill 11 by gathering operational information to alert PTC of any issues that need to be addressed – before they become bigger problems.

Providing a Single Source of the Truth

Teams collaborate more effectively when they are all using the same information to make decisions. Windchill 11 ensures everyone is connected and informed through:

  • Advanced IP protection and security: safeguards your IP when collaborating with 3rd party groups.
  • Advanced search tools: improved search functionality allows teams to find and reuse parts rather than investing in costly and time-consuming redesign projects.
  • Role-based applications: customizable permissions help you easily get required data to the correct individuals on your team.

A single source of the truth ensures that accurate product decisions are made throughout the development process.

Managing Data and Processes

PLM centralizes all product information including data and processes. The advanced Windchill 11 solution helps your organization by including:

  • Creo integrations: utilize all the newest features included in the Creo platform.
  • BoM management: tools to create and manage the complete BoM including variants management, part definition, and visualization.
  • BoM transformation: improves collaboration efforts by streamlining the transition of the BoM between teams.


Offering a Variety of Deployment Options

A variety of deployment options accommodates all types of organizations. The wide range of choices provides a licensing structure that gives enterprises greater flexibility at a lower cost. Windchill 11 deployment options include:

  • SaaS: ideal for SMBs who want to take advantage of all the Windchill 11 benefits but aren’t ready to commit to expensive hardware or IT overhead.
  • On-premise: perfect for organizations who many have unique restrictions like existing investments in other systems or other specific needs.
  • Cloud: provides enterprises with flexible licensing without requiring additional investments or resources.

A variety of deployment options gives enterprises the flexibility they need at a lower cost.

A Robust Solution

The improved features and benefits included Windchill 11 make it the most robust PLM solution on the market.


  • Search capabilities
  • Role-based UI
  • BoM management
  • Creo management tools
  • 8 extensions available


  • Built-in integrations
  • Easy connectivity
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Scaled enterprise knowledge
  • Increased productivity

Create Innovative Products with Windchill 11

By increasing productivity through streamlined collaboration and accurate decision-making, your enterprise can create innovative products faster. Users no longer waste time looking for information or waiting for data requests to be processed, development can continuously move forward.


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Overwhelmed with the Windchill 11 Offerings?

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