Remote Augmented Reality (AR) collaboration with Vuforia Chalk gives two people, working remote from each other, an instant way to mark up a single live view and address a problem or training question together. Markups anchor to objects so experts can easily walk technicians through the entire process. It’s designed to deliver faster resolution without the time and expense of travel and repeat visits.

Vuforia Chalk makes it easy for organizations to increase workforce effectiveness and efficiency – regardless of location.

  • Provide technicians with remote expert guidance as needed for service, assembly, or inspection.
  • Improve retention and accuracy of new skills with on-line assistance from a supervisor or trainer for a new technician completing tasks for the first time.

Effective real-time communication enables:

  • Experts and technicians can mark up the live views to help each other understand the question or problem at hand. Annotations stick where they are drawn for precise ad-hoc instructions.
  • Frontline workers are provided with access to real-time support from your experts, reducing the time-to-repair while eliminating travel costs and the need for repeat visits.
  • New technicians can be monitored in their real-world environments and reach out as they need. This effectively transfers knowledge from experienced workers – so everyone on your team can become an expert faster.